Cangzhou city plastic container is recyclable

by:Lisson     2020-06-11
Cangzhou city plastic container is recyclable, usually used in cosmetics container walls thicker cream bottle, bottle caps, bottle stoppers, gasket, pump head, dust cover for injection molding. PET bottle blowing for two-step forming, tube embryos for injection molding, finished product packaging for the bottle blowing. Other such as container wall thinner lotion bottle, washing bottle to bottle blowing. The advantages of PET, PETG (D Environmental protection material) Flocking high frequency and the thickness of 0. 2mm— 0. 8 mm comprehensive incentive and heavy penalties to punish, 2 it is particularly reflected in the ecological compensation system reform in seven provinces and municipalities to carry out the pilot next year, and will be implemented in promotion. Three is tradable permits to carry out the polluters responsibility combined with strict social accountability. At present, it has three characteristics, form a 'combination', makes a powerful. In the fair, one of the 'ring, trade exhibition in Munich ( Shanghai) The general manager Jiang Gang said. From 2020 to 2030 is expected to usher in 'ten years', a bright future, promising. Fourth, industrial chain elongated gradually rise a lot of business is now the trend of the present environmental protection industry industry chain gradually elongated. Then, administration of taxation, protection department jointly issued notice, to protect the implementation of the tax law. According to statistics, fujian, guizhou provincial capital has passed the provincial tax plan, zhejiang, jiangxi, jiangsu, guangdong and other provinces have cloth for advice scheme, guangxi, sichuan and other provinces research plan in cities or enterprise level. In late July, fiscal, taxation, environmental protection three departments have completed protection rules for the implementation of the tax law for public opinion. Next, three departments will also accelerate the protective rules for the implementation of the tax law legislation, speed up the protection of form a complete set of the tax law provisions are formulated and technical specification, we will actively yet prudently, all the work of tax law should be protected. C、APET( Environmental protection material) Can be ruffled, not very hot edge thickness of 0. 2mm— 0. 8 mm molding injection molding in is mainly used to enhance the PET. Usually adopts screw injection machine. Screw is typically require hardening treatment, lest abrasion occurs after use for a long time. The length of the injection machine nozzle holes should be as short as possible, its diameter should be controlled at about 3 mm. Emissions trading has approved pilot area of the turnover of about 6. 2 billion yuan, work on its own province for 500 million yuan. Emissions trading is an important content of ecological civilization system reform, the implementation of the system of paid use of sewage's discharge right and transaction can effectively promote the pollution reduction. Scattered non-electric industry market, but a larger space. From the point of China's coal consumption, coal accounted for 60% of primary energy consumption, with about 45% for coal-fired power plants, the rest of the used in industry and residents burn, etc. That is not the natural environmental protection enterprises have to figure. It was revealed that the future will gradually expand to deepen opening up and cooperation in the field of energy and environmental protection, actively introduce, including foreign capital to participate in the supply change, at the same time, focusing on the 'area' construction to accelerate the 'going out'. 'Three in the industry. The era of 'environmental protection enterprise in our country, is through mergers and acquisitions and the PPP, output, investment, comprehensive services, such as technology and products for foreign enterprises, for the purpose of the environmental protection requirements to dock with the overseas advanced technology. Environmental protection online, after the 2017 outbreak of 'soil repair policy year', as the environmental protection pressure, accelerate the soil, the soil pollution act is expected in 2018. Series of policies, to lay the foundation system in recent years, as the soil pollution problem, our country has gradually realized the harmfulness of which a series of policies and measures in succession, and in 2016 formed a more guidance, 'soil ten' arises at the historic moment. At the same time, and the implementation of parameter, the license need to report regularly, information disclosure. You can see that the discharge permit to the enterprise provides a clear, 'the law' border. By focusing on the pollution control facilities, concentration of pollutant emissions, emissions and requires permission, promote enterprise standards, and effectively control region basin pollutant emissions. When the taxpayer declare pollutant monitoring data and protect data inconsistencies, passed by the competent department of regulations, if the taxpayer shall, in accordance with the automatic monitoring data, calculation of the taxable emissions is passed by the competent department of taxation should be to protect data shall calculate and determine the amount payable for the taxpayer; If taxpayers calculated according to the monitoring data, given by the monitoring of the pollutant emissions, the tax should be the taxpayer and protection of the main data. 10, in production when using screen printing bottles, should pay attention to avoid from ultra handling or collision, avoid scratch the screen printing effect, selecting rational when production. 5, pure aluminium bag is higher than plating bags of about 30% of the cost of the unit price, economic order quantity is large, large manufacturers to smaller manufacturers some taller, 4 cm by 10 cm bag, for example, big manufacturer general in 100000 for the minimum quantity, small manufacturer about 30000 minimum quantity, roll film, such as do not print to do 30 to 50 kg, about 38 yuan/kg, 100 kg minimum quantity, such as printing about 45 yuan/kg, film need special filling equipment, roll film do bag number 6 cm x 9 cm, for example 10 g to about 1200 / kg ( 6 cm x 8 cm, 8 g about 1500 / kg, 5 cm x 7 cm, 6 with about 1600 g/kg)
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