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Supply Bamboo Cosmetic Bottle 5ml 10ml Steel Ball on bottles

Supply Bamboo Cosmetic Bottle 5ml 10ml Steel Ball on bottles

Suitable for
Lip Care, Eye Care etc
Type of Formula
Cream, Lotion, Serum, Oil...
Tube Diameter
Filling Capacity
5ml, 10ml
Tube Material
Bamboo & PET
Tube Decoration
Cap Material
Type of shipping
By Sea or By Air
Lead Time
20 Working Days
Minimum Order
in Stock and Free

Supply Bamboo Cosmetic Bottle 5ml 10ml Steel Ball on bottles

Stainless Steel Ball on the bottles, outer is bamboo material, more eco-friendly. Suitable for Lip care and eye care etc products. Minimum order just 10000pcs. Like it? Send the message now!

1. Meet the bamboo cosmetic bottle company-Lisson that has reimagined the way women like to keep cosmetics. Handcrafted from natural, sustainable materials, these reusable bamboo cosmetic bottle containers allow you to chuck away all those shampoos and conditioners.

Lisson cosmetic botte factory founded in 1999 is a manufacturer of sustainable and eco-friendly bamboo cosmetic containers. Our main products: cosmetic bottles, lotions and creams bottles, lotions and creams containers packaging, cosmetic tubes, cosmetic jars and more are coming soon.

2. Quality handmade and handcrafted bamboo cosmetic containers and bottles in different shapes and colors. Plus, we are the exclusive manufacturer of these Eco-friendly bamboo cosmetic containers for famous brands around the world. A safe and practical way to store cosmetics and household products, Lisson fine bamboo bottles are ideal for baths, hair, toothpaste, oil and more! Your bamboo may be used to build furniture, greenhouses and more, so your cosmetic bottle captures the life of this sustainable, environmentally-conscious material.

3.China bamboo cosmetic bottle manufacturer, Lisson, seller of 100% whibamboo cosmetic container with eco-friendly, natural promises and sustainable solutions.

Made with the power of bamboo, Lisson bamboo cosmetic bottles are perfect for your skin care product. We offer an upscale bamboo cosmetic bottle that can be branded with your company logo so you present your best self to your customers.

Welcome to the Lisson cosmetic packaging factory where taking care of the healthy skin is essential, and the sustainable cosmetic bottle is the key to a healthy and happy life. Protection of beautiful skin needs the perfect care, which you can only obtain when you use the Lisson bamboo cosmetic bottle. The environmentally-friendly material of the bottle makes it more eye-catching and charming than any other conventional functional bottle. It is easy to squeeze, measure, and use. What’s more, Lisson cosmetic bottle comes with most competitive factory price, inquire now.

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