Alcohol spray bottles, detergent bottles manufacturers

by:Lisson     2020-05-18
A detergent bottle packaging market demand is growing rapidly recently, which generally has three reasons. The first is the new crown the sudden outbreak of disease, the major hotel hygiene, as well as a variety of public need for security, increased the demand cancellation venom. The second is increasing in recent years, various pests and bacterial contamination, objectively use disinfectant obtained great growth of demand. The third is the internationally, with foreign outbreaks, overseas production is in short supply, also increased the cancellation poison bottle packaging requirements. So, a detergent bottle with the plastic bottle is more appropriate? We think should judge from three aspects. First, a detergent bottle should avoid light, disinfectant, after all, is more sensitive to light, from the Angle of protection products, suggest to choose PE plastic detergent bottles. Second, disinfectant spray bottle it is best to use the form, so the shower nozzle packaging should be used. Finally, disinfectant bottle of reasonable capacity within the 500 ml, too big to carry not convenient, but also easily cause expiration. Therefore, we think the best disinfectant bottle packing is PE material, avoid light within 500 ml, spray bottles.
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