A few secrets of plastic bottles

by:Lisson     2020-05-19
( 1) PET plastic bottles (' 1' PET is the most commonly used beverage containers) With '1' triangle symbol, says it USES PET - Polyethylene terephthalate) Plastic bottles, is currently the most widely used beverage bottles. Its high transparency, others can see inside the content; Acid and alkali resistant, capacity is very big, hold various acidic fruit juices, carbonated drinks; Water proofing property is high, not easy to have a case of leakage, if only as a pot containing cold drinks, is very suitable for, which is why it get the favour of beverage producer, is often used to containing all kinds of fruit juice, water, tea and other drinks. With plastic filling beverage of choose and buy should pay attention to whether it is placed under the high temperature or by microwave heating, because it is not easy to high temperature deformation, Only ability under 69 ℃) , after deformation, easy to have to human body harmful substances were RongChu, if want to use PET with higher temperature water or beverage, suggested that had better look before you leap. ( 2) 'No. 2' HDPE with '4' LDPE here introduce two Numbers together, namely, '2' high density polyethylene ( HDPE) And '4' low density polyethylene ( LDPE) , they are different is: hardness, melting point, corrosion resistance of HDPE LDPE is good, but no. 4 ( LDPE) More for other appliances, such as plastic film, its ductility, and is widely used in our daily life, but not as a beverage container. No. 2 of HDPE in a variety of translucent, transparent plastic containers are widely used, but because it is resistant to all kinds of corrosive solution, so much has been used in cleaning supplies, bath products, etc. ( 3) '3' PVC polyethylene ( PVC is easy to release toxic substances) No. 3 'PVC ( PVC) , has been gradually use less plastic container. Studies have found that this kind of material can only be 81 ℃ heat, easy to bad material at high temperature, it will release even the manufacturing process, is now rarely used on food packaging, if a container to use it as a beverage costumes, suggested that had better not be bought. ( 4) '5' PP polypropylene such vessels are often used to all kinds of fruit juice, its excellent heat resistance, good air permeability, heat-resisting temperature can reach 167 ℃, is the lightest plastic containers. Besides as a convenience store beverage container, often as a bubble tea shop in soft plastic packaging; If with relatively high temperature juice drinks don't have to worry about deformation, however, still should pay attention to when temperature is too high will have bad for human body ran out of gas. ( 5) '6' many costumes ices or PS styrofoam containers of this product are PS container. Because of its good heat resistance, so are commonly used to hot food, such as a bowl of instant noodles; It's cold hardiness, various? V ice is all love in the containers. Use the styrofoam containers will danger to human body? If PS or when it is heated in the strong acid, strong alkali such as orange, there will be bad to human body material ─ polystyrene release, easy to cause cancer, so be careful when using styrofoam instruments, to see if the outside food is acidic or alkaline substances. ( 6) Other types of plastic products (' 7 'PC PC container carefully hidden carcinogens) Relevant reports, the plastic container is very easy to release toxic substances: bisphenol A. According to A study in the United States, bisphenol A harmful to human body, it is easy to release, plastic pacifier also found that even A baby to use it, caused A stir at the time, so take special care when using the plastic containers. Now whether you already know the character of each plastic containers? If you still worry about plastic products under the high temperature will bring human body damage, so suggest that had better not use it with high temperature liquid, switch to ceramics, paper container to costumes, such not only can reduce the harm to human body, also can be used by reducing oil chemical products, make the environment more beautiful. Remember these plastic bottles can be recycled! Don't use them as garbage disposal, otherwise will increase the burden of environment.
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