10 seconds to distinguish the PET plastic bottles and PP plastic bottles

by:Lisson     2020-05-17
Plastic material has a lot of different material function and characteristics of plastic bottles are different, the dongguan xiang plastic bottles in the factory is introduced: 10 seconds to distinguish features: PET plastic bottles and PP plastic PE plastic PE plastic soft, feels a waxy, compared with the same plastic lighter quality, has a certain transparency, combustion flame is blue. Toxicity: PE plastic avirulent, harmless to the human body. On the market to sell high density polyethylene ( HDPE) , the density of 0. 945-0. 96 grams/cubic centimeter, melting point of 125 ~ 137 degrees Celsius; Linear low density PE ( LLDPE) , the density of 0. 925 grams/cubic centimeter, melting point of 120 ~ 125 degrees Celsius; High pressure low density PE ( HP- LDPE) , the density of 0. 918 grams/cubic centimeter, melting point of 105 ~ 115 degrees Celsius. Polypropylene ( PP) Applications: microwave tableware, POTS, plastic buckets, thermos bottle shell, woven bags, etc. Pp plastic bottle features: high chemical stability, health, good performance, high heat resistance. The microwave tableware can choose mark wording, PP plastic products. Toxicity: pp plastic avirulent, harmless to the human body. There are three kinds of the polymer can be three-dimensional structure: the isotactic and syndiotactic, atactic polypropylene, the former two can crystallize, the latter could not. Commercially available basic listed isotactic polypropylene product structure, melting point of 164 ~ 170 degrees Celsius, crystallization density 0. 935 grams/cubic centimeter, the clean part 0. 851 grams per cubic centimeter. PP is the chief drawback of easy oxidation ageing. Now with adding antioxidant and uv absorber and overcome them. Polyester ( PET) Application: plastic bottles, medicine bottle, cosmetics bottle, oil bottle as well as a variety of bottle caps, insulation cover. Features: good transparency, invulnerability to breakage and good chemical stability, suitable for a variety of liquid or solid pharmaceutical packaging. Good shelter to uv light. Toxicity: non-toxic. PET plastic bottles is the mainstream of beverage packaging. Beverage packaging industry in China should be dominant in the PET plastic bottles, so far, have not found better or better material instead of PET plastic bottles. PP bottles mainly one-step injection blowing and ldpe-g-nvp heat molded PP bottle blow molding machine of is lit, the advantages of strong, heat-resisting, price is lower than the radical information. It can save 100 adding 0 ℃ in general PP plastic bottles. 1% - 0. Sorbitol 4% xylene nucleating agent, after blowing extrusion, blowing, injection and kneading method can output high lit PP plastic bottles. Bottle type PP plastic bottles and heat-resistant function good, sensitive, peace, health, and the taste of contents stick to say, the price cheaper than PET, PS, PE, etc material. PP plastic bottles used in the beverage packaging market scale has gradually approached PET bottles, modified resin, anti-reflection and mechanical equipment skills development, from time to time make PP container instead of glass, PET and PVC container, has broad market prospects. Conclusion: PET bottle PET name called polyethylene terephthalate plastic, PET plastic raw material height of white or light yellow crystalline state. Relative to the PVC material, PET has good optical properties and weather resistance, non-toxic stability but no hot water immersion, not alkali resistance. PET bottle packing is suitable for food, medicine, cosmetics and other products packaging industry. Identify PET bottle is very simple, with a lighter bottle, PET bottle, if send out a comfortable taste is when sends out a pungent taste, it is not the pure PET bottle. PP bottle PP scientific name known as polypropylene, PP plastic material is partially crystalline state. PP material is a kind of commonly used plastic lighter in a common, its performance is excellent, used for high frequency insulation resistance to hot and humid, suitable for the automotive industry, daily necessities, such as packaging, in terms of food packaging, PP bottle cannot be used for carbonated drinks on the barrier property of packaging. So consumers should pay attention to cough up!
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