Yinchuan plastic packing injection molding process

by:Lisson     2020-06-10
Yinchuan 7 plastic bottle packing injection molding process, the distributor customer seldom open mold, the mold to pay more, higher cost. 1, production plate, sheet, 7, glass bottle and SuPing silk screen version of the fee, if the new specifications bottles and printing factory do not have the corresponding clamp the charge fee, but can be by doing a certain amount of screen printing to offset the cost, such as business, more than 20000 can avoid the fees each manufacturer has different conditions, the general screen printing screen fee is 50 - RMB 100 / a, jig cost 50 yuan/a. Hot stamping version fee is RMB 200 / a. Of course, under the action of 'plastic limit order', the current supermarket plastic bags usage has a lot of. From each bottle of water, drink after eating each time the orders to start, maintain economical fashion, also for more junk. Start from the market to buy food, it's not hard to find, a lot of the old man went out to buy food will take on a bamboo weaving the popurality of life breath, and environmental conservation. In terms of tax collection and administration, to protect tax, tax department by the environmental protection departments to tax, the environmental protection department coordination, will open the 'enterprise declaration, tax collection, environmental monitoring, information sharing' tax collection and administration. Instead of nearly 40 years of pollution charge system, the 'tax-for-fees reform' involving more than 500 enterprises. And again to promote green development, strive to solve the outstanding problems, increase the intensity of ecological protection. Economic development and pollution often appear inverted u-shaped relationship, with the green economic development at the same time, also welcomed the kuznets curve inflection point. According to the advanced, from the day of the inflection point is when the environmental protection industry's development. 【 Environmental protection industry dynamic online 】 On March 16, the ministry announced the city station operation detailed rules for the implementation, according to any organization or individual shall not, without modification, the original data; Operational institution shall not provide the city station data to any third party. The ministry said. Air monitoring station data shall not, without approval, in order to effectively control air pollution and environmental protection of air pollution in beijing-tianjin-hebei city transport channel layout for a large number of air monitoring stations. PET can be recycled, material recycling, through a series of special washing or by chemical treatment to decompose PET into the raw materials or intermediates, and its purification, translate into new PET resin. 3, drawing, burning on the lighter when a pull wire, wire pull long is not long, and then pull out the wire break, look at the middle of the breakpoints, silk is rolled into the small circle, the more volume of high melting point. 10, in production when using screen printing bottles, should pay attention to avoid from ultra handling or collision, avoid scratch the screen printing effect, selecting rational when production. 【 Environmental protection industry dynamic online 】 Today, the goal of a better life, a beautiful ecological component is getting heavier and heavier. In the report, the ecological civilization construction on an unprecedented important position, comrade points out, we will accelerate reform of the ecological civilization system, the construction of beauty. , so to speak, has been to 'green water castle peak is the jinshan yinshan' concept developing deep into the practice. It is reported, the problem of its own capital limited, has a series of fiscal and taxation support policy. At the same time, also to contract energy projects involving business tax and value-added tax and income tax relief, etc. 'In such aspects as and subsidies, some place policy fall big bite, there is also some corner and blind spots. 'Interview, the personage inside course of study points out, the energy conservation service subsidy policy is usually apanage, some local execution exist local protection, lost to the fujian association of foreign languages and development opportunities, difficult to form scale and climate. It should be said that the public interest litigation cases on the rise, this is also the inevitable result of the present pollution incidents in. On August 28, 2017, high-profile tengger desert pollution series of public interest litigation cases of first instance in ningxia through conciliation, eight accused companies take five hundred million yuan used to repair and prevent soil pollution, and take a loss public welfare fund of 6 million yuan, hit a record of public interest litigation. Protection bureau deputy director Wang Dongqing has a clear: environmental protection facilities to specialization, marketization, the governance body responsibility cannot, should not and will not shift; Any commercial contract cannot beyond the law. 'In practice, once appear, violate compasses problem, main body responsibility, jointly and severally liable to both sides should be in accordance with the law shall be investigated in accordance with the rules. 【 Environmental protection industry dynamic online 】 Through leading, market operating, professional management, sewage pollution and, input costs, environmental protection enterprises in emerging markets, promote the professional of the pollution treatment, is to win more. Third party pollution as new environmental pollution, has been, in recent years. 8, note 4, cream bottle, cover, cover, inside the bottle, the tank. Frosting: a layer of frosted texture.
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