With the market development of flexible packaging

by:Lisson     2020-05-14
Plastic hose cosmetics packaging welding a sealing lid can make the advantages of both the bottle and bag packaging. This kind of packing mainly has three forms: 1) Welding in the Angle, is now the most popular way on the European market, has a convenient dumping, filling, shelf displays good characteristics, additional packaging is generally used in more than 300 ml. 2) Welded at the top of the more popular in Japan, 100 ml is commonly used in the following the small packaging products. 3) Welding on the plane, is very rare in the United States, mainly for the large capacity ( 1 gallon to dozens of gallons) Industrial products packaging, general and outside carton. Distinguish, according to the function used in cosmetic products affixed with flexible packaging can be divided into supplement and final packing. Complement pack refers to: with bottle packing for the use of packing, to build the flexible packaging is added on as a second or more contents of package. Final packaging is: there is no other use packaging, packaging with flexible packaging products to consumers is finally used. For inland market in our country, the third because it is mainly used for industrial products, technologies and ideas of the industrial enterprise of our country update also need a period of time, so not in the short term there is obvious market development; But the former two kinds of packing method due to several large companies focus on the promotion, has been doing well in the market, believe that with the improvement of domestic bag welding technology, has great market potential.
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