When choosing cosmetic plastic hose must pay attention to the parameters and specifications

by:Lisson     2020-05-20
Plastic hose now in the market is very bright eye, in so many how to understand the specifications and parameters in cosmetic plastic hose? Cosmetics plastic hose, plastic hose is used for loading of paste category of hoses, hose like toothpaste, cosmetics cream paste, lubrication pipe, hose and cosmetics, etc. But due to loading paste is different, so what should be paid attention to when choosing cosmetic plastic hose specifications and parameters? Influence factors, the first model matching for irrigation packaging plastic hose, the first thing to note is now filling machinery and equipment, industrial hose manufacturer can form a complete set of what are the specifications of the plastic hose cosmetics, should choose the size of the plastic hose, to ensure smooth production. Content, music, the contents of different proportion, suitable size is different also, plastic hose also bearing capacity 5 a1 of two products, the proportion of high products, will be the total weight. The specifications of the products, different sizes of cosmetic plastic hose, has its corresponding capacity range, can be filled through trial and confirm whether to want to have the capacity or weight. How to choose the size of the cosmetic plastic hose: on the basis of the choice of the required capacity, general product can refer to conventional capacity range did not choose the size of the plastic hose cosmetics, if the proportion of products is special, can appropriate increase or reduce or increase the length of pipe shaft. According to the demand of the required diameter, cosmetic packaging design or see the beautiful appearance, food hose manufacturer with a certain diameter. At this time to lengthen or shorten the length of the pipe shaft, has reached to the volume and weight of the filling. Again, the size and specifications of the plastic hose cosmetics, not only to consider from the capacity and weight of the pack, also must take into account the product packaging and visual aesthetic feeling. Adaptation of the specification and size can improve product appeal, boost promotion and sales.
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