What's the use of qinhuangdao shampoo packing

by:Lisson     2020-06-10
What's the use of qinhuangdao shampoo packing PET plastic profile: perfume bottles of bladder is glass and PP. Four, distributor/pump head environment minister ji-ning Chen's request, the environmental protection department to 'sink', 'head' to solve the problem; Found that the problem can't hide, can't whitewash. Ji-ning Chen on and discussed related to environmental protection during the spirit of the comb. In work report, to ecological protection work has carried on the detailed deployment, clearly put forward strengthening ecological protection. 【 Environmental protection industry dynamic online 】 Sound. From the habit of noise to discontent, 'noise' design and pollution control are following people for the pursuit of life. Design with sense of governance audio refused to 'too noisy sound annoying' when I was a child, saw the plane fly overhead, reaction was 'wow, that is the aircraft'. 【 Environmental protection industry dynamic online 】 In 2017, environmental protection equipment manufacturing market 'house down,' sales rose year-on-year. Industry experts believe that warm, manufacturing costs rise in energy conservation and environmental protection market, against the background of environmental protection equipment manufacturing enterprises profit space will be further compressed. Next, only the active structure, and constantly develop new technology, to achieve a leap in the trillions of wind. 'About strengthening ecological protection's opinions on resolutely play pollution to be completed from the perspective of the overall implementation of the overall deployment of pollution control in electricity price mechanism especially green development path of the booster. And from ecological department and other departments and local provincial and municipal pollution task arrangement, atmospheric pollution is listed as a key. Mold is the important factors influencing the PET bottle blow molding process, mold shape quality will reduce or increase the difficulty of technology, such as reinforcement, arc transitional area and at the bottom of the cooling conditions and so on all have an impact on process. 4, bronzing, hot silver, such as processing and printing gold powder, silver powder effect on distinguishing, hard material and smooth surface is suitable to bronzing, hot silver, soft surface decoration effect is not good, easy to fall off, hot stamping silver gloss printing golden silver. Screen printing film to be negative, graphic effect for black color, background color, bronzing, hot silver process to a positive, graphic effect for, background color for the black color. Text and design ratio cannot be too small too thin, otherwise the printing effect. 7, hose production cycle is 15 days commonly - 20 days of cycle ( Starting from the confirmation here) Order item for 5000 - 10000, large scale manufacturers usually to 10000 as the minimum quantity, if a few small manufacturer variety, item 3000 minimum quantity to also can, there are few customers to open mold, the male (mostly A few characteristics of the lid is private mould) Contract order quantity and actual quantity supplied, the industry of the deviation of plus or minus 10%. Earlier, the water pollution act 'to protect tax law' about deepening the reform of monitoring the opinions of the monitoring data on the accelerate the environmental protection equipment manufacturing industry development guidance 'and a series of policy also successively, for our country draw out a roadmap for the development of environmental protection industry's development. Beijing E20 joint institute, university college XiaoQiong said in an interview with the 21st century economic report, the circulation development leading action of marked the governance of our country from the harmless as the core management is given priority to, at the end of the upgrade to the resource and ecological changes into the core of ecological cycle is given priority to, the catalysis of circular economy industry's rapid growth. Four, regional ecological problems of regional ecological and environmental protection supervision team focusing on one area, in three rounds of inspectors, for the existence of a number of provinces and cities regional ecological feedback serious problems, such as patrol found in henan province, the Yellow River sanmenxia wetland reserve period of how companies disordered mining, reserve more than mountains is incomplete, a large amount of waste residue along the river surrounding hill piled up at random, or occupation area is 3300 mu, causing serious. Surplus peak on June 27 announcement, said the company signed with fuyang city in anhui province mound 'funan county comprehensive global governance and investment cooperation framework agreement, the mound to promote and upgrade of integrated management in urban and rural areas of county ecological villages and towns ( Characteristic town) Comprehensive treatment project, the program contains ecological park construction, ecological management and ecological tourism, and other content, estimated the total investment of about 4 billion yuan. In the 'governance' who pollution, who, under the governance of industrial field control investment mainly driven by polluting industrial enterprises. Governance belongs to industrial enterprise cost item investment spending, 'GDP' oriented concept of early missing or does not reach the designated position, environmental costs usually cannot smoothly to the downstream customers. 1, the first smell, the taste of PET different general plastic, use lighter to burn, then will smell very and comfortable ( Literally burn a bottle to smell) , if the PET to contain other ingredients, the taste is very pungent. There is a bottle containing the composition of SEBS can't use. Film: dedicated to high performance shrink film, shrinkage rate over 70%. Can be used to complex container packaging. With high plasticity, high degree of absorption, high gloss, low degree of fog, easy to printing, not easy to fall off, when storing the natural advantages of low shrinkage rate. Apply to the contraction of beverage bottle, food, cosmetics packaging. Electronic product shrink labels, etc. 3, color box, color printing after first framed workers can do modelling of different specifications, color printing paper framed layer for the single copper and aluminum plating paper, can choose different specifications of the grey board or MDF, manual is more, the cost is higher, with his hands are always holding bag, blister/sponge/paper, silk used together.
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