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by:Lisson     2020-06-09
What PET plastic bottle packaging company to buy a new plastic injection molding process is one of very important technology in plastics processing, for the PET plastic bottles, in most cases the plastic packaging plant will adopt the blow molding processing, but the injection molding process is a unique advantage, for PET injection molding, technical personnel need to consider many factors. 1, hoses, hose is divided into single, double, five layer respectively in pressure defense, prevent infiltration and feel there's a difference, such as five layers tube by the outer, inner, two glue layer, otherwise the blocking layer. Features: has good gas barrier properties, can effectively prevent the infiltration of oxygen and peculiar smell gas, at the same time prevent the content fragrance and effective ingredients. 14, such as less do not print or the economic order quantity, can be directly through the color effect of paper framed box, in order to cost. Implement report for the construction of a new era of general requirements, the general layout, the general target and key tasks, to construction in the first place, serious life, strict discipline and rules, firmly centered on comrade authority and centralized and unified, in the position, direction, maintain highly consistent principle, on the road; Promote the 'two learn how to make a' learning education normalized institutionalization, begin to seriously study the penetration. With Europe and the United States, Japan and South Korea and other developed by more than 90%, compared to the recycling utilization of our country is still slightly backward, recycling utilization rate below 70%, but strengthening policy support, special funds investment, more and more enterprises and capital, recycling rates are expected to reach 75% in 2020, the industrial development scale is also expanding. Active environmental protection equipment manufacturing innovation, equipment, management, information technology and application in different fields actively propel the development of the platform, at present has formed smart characteristics of integrated services. Part of the environmental protection enterprises are still in the membrane treatment, monitoring, soil restoration, hazardous waste disposal industry such as intensive cultivation, the, process design, equipment efficiency and supply chain to form a series of innovative applications, and gradually develop a innovation of ecological environmental protection equipment manufacturing. What is certain is that more than a year, a large number of environmental protection supervision push to solve the problem, to enhance the sense of the masses. For security, let people breathe the fresh air, drink the rest assured drinking water, the environmental protection supervision storm, also will continue to be deeply blow, supervision and policy is expected to continue to overweight, the second half of the future will also have more violations were thrown out, more and more people be accountability. Size classification: mainly depend on the products inside ( Inside diameter pump is the inner diameter) Or the circle highly classified. 6, in order to ensure design effect, and color printing you have samples than documentary, can undertake computer first proofing when output film, charge according to the color and size, usually 75 yuan/P injection molding process: in the second pollution census, carrying out monitoring and random inspection, ecological department said it would for monitoring data falsification zero tolerance, found together, investigate together, to constitute a crime, shall be investigated for criminal responsibility in accordance with the law of judiciary. Ecology in harsh and determined attitude to firmly hold data show this lifeline. Is not hard to find, under the protection by unprecedented good situation, the '' will also release the active green, ecology, energy saving and emission reduction. And from the point of '' before and after the hot topics in recent years, often during the new focus. For investment opportunities, analysts pointed out that the investment market to focus on policy benefit plate, such as most of the reform, new energy vehicles, air pollution, etc. Unlike other documents in the past, the 'opinions', '' in the third chapter highlights the implementation of administrative accountability, a pair of responsibilities, strict appraisal accountability, accountability for new requirements for life. At the same time, the 'opinions' in accordance with the should defend, should defend the principle of stroke as strokes, to about 25% of the national spatial area into the ecological protection of the red. 【 Environmental protection industry dynamic online 】 Recently, the ministry issued the determination of the total soil and sediment metal elements microwave digestion using nitric acid, and the determination of the soil and sediment sulfide blue spectrophotometric method, such as the four new soil pollution monitoring. So far, China has reached 64, soil monitoring which covers 280 standard compounds, we will further improve the soil system. In may, 2017, 14 ministries and commissions such as jointly issued the circular development leading action 'is put forward, the main wastes circulation utilization to 54 to 2020. About 6%, resources recycling industry output value reached 3 trillion yuan, 75 park and 50% of provincial park in circulation reform and so on. 10, in production when using screen printing bottles, should pay attention to avoid from ultra handling or collision, avoid scratch the screen printing effect, selecting rational when production. 10, grinding process is suitable for the aluminum plating film, aluminum foil, process characteristics with strong metal feeling, color, noble, comfortable, also can undertake metal etching effect. 1, pet plastic bottle resistance to oil, fat, dilute acid, dilute alkali resistant, resistant to most solvents.
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