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by:Lisson     2020-06-10
Quanzhou cosmetics packaging company what packaging materials are divided into main containers and auxiliary materials. Preparation of blow molding bottle, the first will be PET chip for bottle preform injection molding, it requires that the secondary recycling material ratio cannot be too high ( Less than 5%) Cannot exceed twice, and recycling and low molecular weight and viscosity can't ( The molecular weight of 31000 - 50000, characteristic viscosity of 0. 78 - 0. 85立方厘米/ g) 。 7, residence time, 2) Commercial breakthrough: the advantage of enterprise development is the core of business, business innovation will bring sexual development. Commercial breakthrough need to first determine whether in a niche in the future, and then focus on the core customer base mining the hidden needs of customers, try to hold up the value chain profit pool, mining, and then to cost, talent and capital bottleneck breakthrough. At present, China's soil repair industry has formed the competitive landscape, with ring section of science, high energy, represented by Beijing construction enterprises in the large size of repair order perfect, technical system, Jonathan ability strong, belongs to the echelon; Represented by Bosch, YongQing environmental protection based on the enterprises within the province, has formed a relatively complete system of technology, and gradually form order to expand capacity, outside the territory is located in the second tier; In order to ding, on field as representative area. At present, the prominent problems in the soil still has not been due, these problems are mainly: on the one hand, the farmland soil pollution type and area is not clear, the number of contaminated sites and distribution is unknown, soil pollution, mechanism and risk of in-depth study, in situ soil pollution control and the technology project at the site, the corresponding repair engineering technology and specialized equipment is also very scarce; On the other hand, soil base and lack of system and its branch. To treat like treat life and ecology, construction of beauty, to create a good production and living, contribute to global ecology. Ecological civilization construction in our country since how effective they are. How are the ecological civilization system reform. At the meeting to be held in October 23 afternoon, finance team wei-min Yang, deputy director of the office of the protection group, the minister li ganjie gives a transcript of reform at the scene. Four, distributor/pump head 5, pure aluminium bag is higher than plating bags of about 30% of the cost of the unit price, the economic order quantity is larger, large manufacturers to smaller manufacturers some taller, 4 cm by 10 cm bag, for example, big manufacturer general in 100000 for the minimum quantity, small manufacturer about 30000 minimum quantity, roll film, such as do not print to do 30 to 50 kg, about 38 yuan/kg, 100 kg minimum quantity, such as printing about 45 yuan/kg, film need special filling equipment, roll film do bag number 6 cm x 9 cm, for example 10 g to about 1200 / kg ( 6 cm x 8 cm, 8 g about 1500 / kg, 5 cm x 7 cm, 6 with about 1600 g/kg) The stand or fall of production also has great influence for technology, constant temperature conditions to maintain process and product. PET bottle blow molding generally at room temperature and low humidity conditions is preferred. For the current, there is no doubt that benefits. Since then, a green storm. Since January 2016, just one and a half years of time, the environmental protection supervision has been completed on 23 provincial supervision. 'This much work has been done in the past, also have a lot of good, but you also need to strengthen. A lot of problem solving, pollution of the breakthrough, still have to rely on scientific and technological progress and technological innovation. It should enhance the support 'hanon also think technology r&d costs. Marine conservation work on the Marine conservation work are proposed. From the external One Belt And One Road 'around mostly for emerging economies with hair, ecosystem is very fragile, development of green environmental protection. On the supply, with high cost performance, and practical effect is good, the technology of comparative advantage, environmental protection enterprises with 'going out' has a good foundation. In the ministry of the modern coal chemical industry construction project access ( Trial) , for building, rebuilding and expansion of the modern coal chemical industry production construction project, from planning layout, the location of the project, pollution and influence four aspects made the access conditions, which is put forward in front of the coal chemical industry pollutant discharge, heating furnace flue gas, acid gas recovery unit exhaust and VOCs should temporarily according to the types of project production products according to the oil refining industry pollution. Denmark: soil repair strictly enforced 'who pollution, who pays' principle. In the 1980 s, the Danish started to formulate relevant pollution control and laws. The soil pollution act in 2000, Denmark, and we will continue to implement the revised so far in 2007. In terms of soil restoration funding sources, polluters must bear the full cost of the pollution. On the market generally divided into fully automatic and semi-automatic bottle blowing machine. Automatic bottle blowing machine through the operation of the manipulator will bottle blowing two operations together to complete, from the middle of artificial will be preheated bottle embryo into the mould. Greatly speed up the production rate, and of course the price also is higher than semi-automatic. Nozzle is good with short, polishing, aperture requirements as much as possible. With hydraulic brake valve type nozzle as well. Nozzle to have heat preservation and temperature control measures to ensure that the nozzle will not freeze. But the nozzle temperature not too high, otherwise cause salivate. Low pressure PP material must be used before began to take shape, the cylinder is clean. PET chemical called ethanol terephthalate, also known as polyester. Currently used in customer's GF - more PET, mainly playing bottle embryo.
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