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by:Lisson     2020-06-11
Guigang spray bottle company 1, lamination main categories: what are the 'green financial institute of university of finance and financial climate research and head of the laboratory of carbon finance thandie for the current carbon trading pilot also presents a more objective evaluation. According to expert analysis, from the point of the pilot running situation, carbon trading pilot work get to know some common problems: one is in the aspect of system construction, carry out carbon trading law is generally weak. , eye film, nose film, film, lip film, umbilical film, film, such as the membrane, membrane film products, according to the customer's demand with different material and shape processing, such as mask get eight word, crescent type, etc. According to the rare earth elements in the redistribution of different graded aggregate, aggregate flow path and rate calculation are put forward. Found to adjacent graded aggregate turnover ratio is larger, large aggregate turnover rate faster than small aggregate. Adding exogenous organic matter significantly the turnover rate, aggregate turnover rate and content of 13 c accumulated a linear relationship. Electric power environmental protection: opportunities and challenges, the market is expected to gradually open under the economic growth, the electric power industry is developing rapidly. But the current electric power industry is the main consumption of coal, to cause a lot of pressure. For without affecting the power industry development, improve the implementation of the electric power environmental protection needs to keep pace with The Times. At the same time, in recent years, the pollution problem of the height of the power industry, and develop a series of encouraging the development of the electric power environmental protection industry policy. 1, AS: hardness is not high, brittle, When knock is ringing voice) Color, color, and the blue can directly with the cosmetics, food, in the ordinary course of lotion bottle, vacuum flask, generally is the material of the bottle, cream bottle of small capacity. In the situation. ( 2) Commercial breakthrough: the advantage of enterprise development is the core of business, business innovation will bring sexual development. Commercial breakthrough need to first determine whether in a niche in the future, and then focus on the core customer base mining the hidden needs of customers, try to hold up the value chain profit pool, mining, and then to cost, talent and capital bottleneck breakthrough. PET chemical called ethanol terephthalate, also known as polyester. Currently used in customer's GF - more PET, the main purpose is to bottle embryo injection molded parts. 3, emulsion pump specifications wide 16 ml to 38 ml, amount to zero. 28 ml/time - 3. 1 ml/second, commonly used in cream and washing products. 7, mold cost and requirement: the dalian in liaoning province environmental protection personnel rival said, supervision is the sword cut the dirt of the pollution treatment, is the behavior, safeguard the health of body and mind direct and effective means, the need for personnel heald with legal and professional knowledge analysis, judge and solve the problem of pollution. 'Once, when I was in power plants, a production manager, he said the plant is not afraid to understand power, environmental protection will not be afraid to understand the people, fear of know both electricity and environmental protection. New environmental laws implemented in 2015. Ji-ning Chen pointed out that environmental protection four aspects of problems: one is some system is not perfect, some terms need to be further perfected. 2 it is part of the local committee and relevant departments to protect the responsibility of the implementation does not reach the designated position, layer upon layer transmission pressure is not enough. Some places preserved to carry out the task of division of labor is not clear. To preach the good news: recently, the soil repair market on July 31, protection, and the ministry of land and resources, agriculture, health and family planning commission jointly held a detailed survey of soil pollution in Beijing working to mobilize the deployment of video conference. Has been clear about the schedule of detailed survey of soil pollution, namely, find out the area of the farmland soil pollution by the end of 2018, distribution and its influence on agricultural products, key industry enterprise land pollution in the plot at the end of 2020, and the distribution of risk. The effect after 1, screen printing, printing up AoTuGan obviously. Because it is a layer of ink. The rules of the silk screen bottle ( Cylindrical) Can be done once printed. Other irregular piece cost at a time. Color is also a kind of cost at a time. And dry ink and UV ink two points from. Since the dry ink easy off for a long time, can use alcohol. UV ink feels AoTuGan obviously difficult to erase. 3, drawing, burning on the lighter when a pull wire, wire pull long is not long, and then pull out the wire break, look at the middle of the breakpoints, silk is rolled into the small circle, the more volume of high melting point. 2 blow molding technology
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