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by:Lisson     2020-06-09
Bozhou city cosmetic packaging company what mold is the important factors influencing the PET bottle blow molding process, mold shape quality will reduce or increase the difficulty of technology, such as reinforcement, arc transitional area and at the bottom of the cooling conditions and so on all have an impact on process. PET bottle blow molding process, was conducted for the corresponding material, if the material is poor, the requirement of process is very strict, even hard to blow molding of qualified out of the bottle. 6, the design is determined to provide MO or cd-rom production and color sample ( PinTon) As the plate making, and ask the factory proofing confirmed first, then arrange production. Three channels: (br) t- G) , the enterprise ( t- B) And consumers, t- C) ; Can be understood as buy monotype, enterprise payment type, type and market oriented consumer sales. Check, the financial revenue and expenditure is the main part of the environmental protection investment, environmental protection investment of hundreds of billions of yuan a year, accounting for more than 1% of GDP, fiscal investment in the environmental protection industry, environmental protection industry in 2016 budget spending up to 293. 2 billion yuan, and actual spending is greater than the budget. Places such as environmental protection ministry will oversee the hebei crevices or sewage pollution is expected to be overweight for folk environmental protection organization liangjiang environmental protection in hebei langfang, tianjin and other places found several very large scale industrial wastewater crevices or problems of environmental protection on April 19, in response to environmental protection and in hebei, tianjin has conducted on-site survey, finding the langfang dacheng county and the sea of tranquility in tianjin area basic true crevices or pollution. Name and number is as follows ( On March 1) A, imports can be used as a raw material of solid protection control - Smelting slag ( G b。 Second, the import can be used as a raw material of solid protection control - Wood and wood waste ( G b。 Three, imports can be used as a raw material of solid protection control - Waste paper or cardboard ( G b。 Can be used as a raw material imported solid protection control - Iron and steel scrap ( G b。 Five, the import can be used. Recently, the printing on the innovation and perfect the opinions of the price mechanism to promote green development '. The opinions further defined the direction of the deepening the reform of resource prices, also put forward a package of policy measures. Opinion has clearly defined the schedule of green development in our country, is a basic form to 2020 price mechanism and price policies conducive to the development of green system; The second is to 2025 established a relatively perfect price mechanism of green development. 6, the selection principle of materials, large area with 40 g to 80 g of whole viscose or blended, stick a small area with more than 60 g, such as eye, nose film, etc. , the specific planning of the products as the guidance. 7, distributor customers rarely open mould to mould pay more, higher cost. 2. 5 as soon as possible to develop and improve the pertinence, practical strong soil contamination repair technology policies, laws and regulations, the basis for the benign development of the industry to provide the basis. 02, scientific division of labor, the three-dimensional combat soil restoration is sexual problem, to science, to targeted, have priorities. Some experts suggest: for different pollution degree in different land use and, different repair. Again, for example, the ministry recently issued the beijing-tianjin-hebei and surrounding areas of atmospheric pollution to strengthen supervision, according to the situation in 28 inspection supervision, 8447 companies, 5594 companies found there is a problem, not installed pollution treatment facilities of 512 of them, the normal operation of pollution treatment facilities of 507. Green logistics to tell you, your mind is good, which have not the hands of truth. In 2017, Shared express box pea green logistics, electricity giant Montana to express a 'green' planning a bumper harvest, more add green bin, express package collection points, allow you to 'buy' enjoy life. I'm surprised, roadside trash that or did I know? 【 Environmental protection industry dynamic online 】 As a means of control greenhouse gas emissions and use market an important means of promoting energy conservation and emissions reduction, carbon emissions trading in the long-awaited finally came out. On December 19, announced that the carbon market formally in power generation industry as the breakthrough point. For industry, concrete enterprise, of people, the construction of the carbon market will be a good move. Such as: Beijing air regulation is big, but black smelly water problems; Guangdong to air sharply this year, the pearl river delta region to become China's first standard air, but water problem is very outstanding. Second, is bigger than the accountability efforts. This is mainly embodied in the second batch of accountability in the first three provincial level, and the number of departmental level cadres in the accountability is a group of more than twice. This phase is to place already preheated bottle embryo to ready mold, for its high pressure gas, blow the bottle embryo into the bottle. 7 5, retention time, round bottle with color printing according to the color meter, oblate or elliptic number according to the seal surface on the surface of the printing color of and for calculating basis.
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