Water transfer printing, environmentally friendly printing technology for new cosmetic hose caps

by:Lisson     2021-03-09
Water transfer printing, environmentally friendly printing technology for new cosmetic hose caps
Water transfer printing technology is a relatively environmentally friendly printing technology, and it is also a highly efficient printing technology. Convex printing cannot break through the limitations of flat printing. After the water is transferred to the cosmetic hose cover, it has high definition and low production cost, which is very popular. Water transfer printing technology is a printing technology that uses water pressure to hydrolyze the color pattern transfer paper plastic film. As people's requirements for product packaging and decoration increase, water transfer printing is more and more widely used. The principle of indirect printing and its perfect printing effect solve many problems of product surface decoration. There are two types of water transfer technology, one is water mark transfer technology, and the other is water coating transfer technology. The former mainly completes the transfer of text and photo patterns, while the latter tends to complete the transfer of the entire product surface. Overlay transfer technology uses a water-based film that is easily dissolved in water to transfer images and text. Because the water coating film has excellent tension, it is easy to wrap around the product surface to form a layer of graphics, so that the product has a completely different appearance from painting. Covering workpieces of any shape, solving d product printing problems for manufacturers. The surface can also be covered with different lines, such as leather, wood, jade, marble, etc., which can avoid the vacant positions that often appear in color printing. In the printing process, since the product surface does not need to be in contact with the printed film, damage to the product surface and integrity can be avoided. Water transfer printing adopts a special chemical treatment film. After printing, it is placed flat on the water on the required color line. Using the effect of water pressure, the transferred color texture is designed on the surface of the product. When the coating is automatically dissolved in water After cleaning and drying, and then applying a layer of transparent protective film, the product has obvious visual effects.
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