Water bottles production enterprise market and trend analysis

by:Lisson     2020-05-17
Used for packaging of mineral water bottles, we call it water bottles. At present, the domestic production enterprises engaged in mineral water bottles is more, how is their situation? First of all, water bottles production enterprise profit generally is not high, most of the water bottles packaging profits is low, basic walk quantity to get profit. Second, water bottles, production, processing and low barriers to entry, mineral water bottles in the production of enterprise competition is very fierce, is extremely common closed box is closed. Again, saturated water downstream market demand, resulting in water bottles packaging overall market demand does not have a big room to grow. So, the development trend of water bottles production enterprise? First, the difference of the mineral water bottles packaging development trend obviously, along with the mineral water manufacturers differentiated demand for branding, design requirements for water bottles is higher and higher. Second, high-end mineral water bottles packaging requirement. After the mid-range mineral water market saturation, high-end mineral water packaging market is a big trend, natural, high-end mineral water bottles packaging market demand also gradually be taken seriously. Third, mineral water bottles packaging new materials are welcomed by the market, such as glass bottles, etc.
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