Use opportunely cosmetics bottles go baby

by:Lisson     2020-05-19
Usually we use the cosmetics bottles can be used to do? We lost finished? Take your small universe and move the brain, these empty cosmetics bottle may be used again oh! A lot in life to protect skin to taste the bottle design is very beautiful, after use skin care products direct lost who think it's a pity, then these finished collection of empty bottles in addition to, can also be used to do? Washing powder and hand wash slightly larger bottle can be used to washing powder, 400 ml bottle can pack a lot; In addition, some lotion bottle can also be used to pack liquid soap, is small and beautiful. Empty bottled essence of essential oil with glass dropper bottle, cosmetics can be used for essential oils, essential oils and the design of the dropper is fit for. Multicolor bottle used for DIY scented candle series of the same brand of different creams bottle may only be a different color, if it is glass material, can be used to DIY scented candles, prepare some essential oils, the different kinds of essential oil into different colors of the bottle, add white wax melting, a pure natural scented candles ready. Empty powdery cake box with monochromatic eye shadow or oil absorption
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