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Supply D16 Eye Cream Tube with Zinc Alloy Applicator

Supply D16 Eye Cream Tube with Zinc Alloy Applicator

Supply D16 Eye Cream Tube with Zinc Alloy Applicator

Suitable for
Eye Cream, Make-up
Type of Formula
Cream, Lotion, Gel...
Tube Diameter
Filling Capacity
Tube Material
PE, PCR plastic, Sugarcane Bioplastic, ABL Optional
Tube Decoration
Offset, Silkscreen,Hot Stamping, Labeling, 1-8 color printing
Cap Material
Cap Decoration
Lead Time
20 Working Days
Minimum Order
Logo and Printing Custom Service
in Stock

Supply D16 Eye Cream Tube with Zinc Alloy Applicator---Lisson Packaging

Make life great with this beauty cream tube!

When it comes to eye cream tubes, this is one product you can trust! only the best, factory direct, meet Lisson.

1. Lisson eye cream is a convenient way to care for and maintain your eye cream and eyes. Through this squeeze tube, you can apply the eye cream directly to your eyelids and massage it into your eyes with the zinc alloy applicator, which frees your hand. It will instantly moisturize and soothe your tired, tired eyes. Your eye cream can come in a convenient squeeze tube, so it is easy to apply daily or at night when you are catching rest. You can then store the squeeze tube and it will stay fresh until the next use.

2. Make your product stand out with Lisson 2022 latest eye cream tube packaging! Many eye cream tubes come in packaging that many products will not have, this creates a bonus to your product, novelty is key! Massage eyes with its squeeze tube applicator, it can keep a healthy and youthful appearance.

3. Get the right cosmetic tube packaging for your eye cream, gel, or cream masque with these cosmetic tubes that are highly effective for moisturizing and firming the skin around your eye area. Lisson cosmetic squeeze tube packaging is scratch-resistant, resistant to water, and resistant to oil and grease, and LDPE. Lisson cosmetic tube packaging can be customized with your own labels to your specifications, excellent for testing products with an eye cream for eye cream packaging, or for cream packaging. Contact cosmetic tube manufacturer Lisson, 10+ production bases at your service.


Introducing Lisson eye cream tube with a zinc alloy slanted applicator and a metal plating cap offers a luxurious and functional packaging solution specifically designed for high-end eye care products.

Zinc Alloy Slanted Applicator: The slanted applicator is made of zinc alloy, a durable and high-quality material known for its strength and resistance to corrosion. The smooth surface of the applicator tip provides a comfortable and luxurious experience during application. 

Metal Plating Cap: The cap of the eye cream tube is plated with metal, adding a touch of elegance to the packaging design. The metal plating not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also provides durability and ensures a secure closure to protect the product. 

Luxurious Aesthetic Appeal: The zinc alloy slanted applicator and metal plating cap exude luxury and sophistication, elevating the overall aesthetic of the packaging. This premium appearance appeals to consumers seeking high-quality skincare products and enhances the perceived value of the eye cream for your brand

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