Shaoyang shower gel bottles of printing process

by:Lisson     2020-06-10
Shaoyang shower gel bottles of printing process of PET injection molding in sex is mainly used to enhance the PET molding. Usually adopts screw injection machine. Screw is typically require hardening treatment, lest abrasion occurs after use for a long time. The length of the injection machine nozzle holes should be as short as possible, its diameter should be controlled at about 3 mm. PET recycling chart 2: 'soil' of article 10 after the release of soil repair wait related businesses aniseed and at present our country soil repair industry has formed the competitive landscape, with ring section of science, high energy, represented by Beijing construction enterprises in the large size of repair order perfect, technical system, Jonathan ability strong, belongs to the echelon; Represented by Bosch, YongQing environmental protection based on the enterprises within the province, has formed a relatively complete system of technology, and gradually form order can expand outside area. Hong-hwa Chen, kangaroo drainage tubes, and personnel after night 13 hours of inspection, waste water recycling in the pool with water pump via PVC pipe emissions to off-site farmland in the ditch, the drainage tubes strong concealment, the nanjing county check history with the consumption of the enterprise entered and drainage tubes. Gf's gf environmental protection environmental protection index ETF and guangfa provides investors with the court and two outside investment. On this basis, the investors can take advantage of the development environmental protection to the index ETF has a more abundant investment strategies, including the discount premium arbitrage, intraday trading strategy, etc. Guangfa environmental index is the environmental protection industry under the tracking of ordinary index, the main services to outside investors. In 7 provinces and the supervision work of mobilization meeting, the second batch of environmental protection inspectorate I will introduce the group leader, protection supervision, promoting the construction of ecological civilization on an important institutional arrangement and protection work. By inspector, focus on the provincial committee and the implementation of the protection policy decisions, solve problems, to carry out the principal responsibility, promote were supervision area ecological civilization construction and protection, promote green development. PET chemical and physical properties: auxiliary refers to maintain the mould temperature equipment. Mold temperature to maintain products play an important role. Average body temperature is high, the bottom temperature is low. For cold bottle, due to its at the bottom of the cooling effect determines the degree of molecular orientation, at 5 - temperature control 8 ℃ is preferred; While thermal bottle at the bottom of the temperature is much higher. 2, glass screen printing: in the blank or frosted or spraying effect of screen printing on the bottle, should choose high temperature ink, color after the high temperature roasting, and will not fade and not easily scratching, color is relatively heavy, to select the manufacturer of high temperature furnace for screen printing, the printing is commonly more than 5000, 5000 by 500 yuan/style/color charge below, more than 5000 press 0. 1 yuan/color time calculation. Institutional investors and the professional institutions is the main buyers of green bonds, individual investors account for only a small part. Domestic enterprises overseas green bonds, its main buyers are many institutional investors or professional organizations; Domestic green bonds issued, its main buyer is big business. Announced in February 2016, attract and further standardize the qualified foreign institutional investors to invest between domestic bond market, green bond investors groups are also expanding scope, already by public institutions, expand to global wealth, large enterprises. The 1-2017 Operating income and net profit, respectively 2 June. 6. 6 billion yuan and 1303. 270000 yuan, 1-2017 June performance decline is larger. The Beijing construction repair is no, the securities and futures commission in the issuance examination committee put forward the question, one concern is whether Beijing construction repair falling profits. E20 platform partner, executive director of institute of E20 li-zhang wang believes that the conditions of the product itself does not have a moat, real moat can only exist in consumers mind. He stressed that the brand will bring huge impetus to enterprise development, is an important window for private enterprises breakthrough. Over the years, the award in the selection of recognition, cooperate to protect the key work, establish the typical, carry forward the advanced, spread the positive energy environmental protection, in order to promote and the interactions between the public and promote each other, form the big pattern of social work has played an important role. The award, a prize in China, but also protect the collar social reward, its purpose is to recognize and promote protection of advanced deeds, and guide and encourage the public to participate in it. From the point of the environmental protection inspectorate personnel structure, inspectorate group leader, deputy group leader is still 'high', it also reflects the 'look back' from the side of the high specification. Six inspectorate in succession in May for, heilongjiang, hebei, jiangsu, jiangxi, henan, guangdong, guangxi, yunnan, ningxia and other 10 provinces ( Area) Implementation of supervision. 2, mold temperature. Die temperature directly affect the cooling speed of melting and the degree of crystallinity, degree of crystallinity is different, the plastic pieces of different performance. Usually, the mould temperature control in 100 ~ 140 ℃, when molding thin-wall plastic parts, desirable small value; Thick wall molding plastic parts, desirable value. 7, color printing process and appearance effect can be done with surface grinding or too light rubber, dumb rubber, laser film, hot stamping silver and blow convex effect, beer, sticky box forming or gluing PVC film ( Also known as a window) And thermal, color green process, the effect of uv, etc. 1, electrochemical aluminum: aluminum appearance, and then a layer of inner plastic package.
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