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Massage Oil Aluminium squeez tTubes D27 bulk aluminum cosmetic packaging wholesale

Massage Oil Aluminium squeez tTubes D27 bulk aluminum cosmetic packaging wholesale

Massage Oil Aluminium squeez tTubes D27 bulk aluminum cosmetic packaging wholesale

Suitable for
Hair Color, Hand Cream, Face Mask etc
Type of Formula
Cream, Lotion, Gel...
Tube Diameter
Filling Capacity
Tube Material
Aluminum Ingot
Tube Decoration
Offset, Lableling
Cap Material
PP, PCR-PP, Metal
Type of shipping
By Air or By Sea or International Express
Lead Time
20 Working Days
Minimum Order
30000 Pcs
in Stock and Free

Massage Oil Aluminium Tubes D27 

Lisson aluminum squeeze tubes for massage oil packaging offer a combination of premium aesthetics, functionality, and sustainability. Their durable construction, precise dispensing, and sustainability design make them an attractive packaging choice for massage oil brands aiming to provide consumers with a luxurious and satisfying massage experience. 

Open orifice

The open orifice design allows for easy access to the product without the need for additional tools or manipulation. This makes them user-friendly and ideal for quick and hassle-free application of massage oil. The aluminum material provides durability and protection for the oil, ensuring that it remains fresh and uncontaminated. Additionally, these tubes can be customized with branding and labeling to enhance product visibility and appeal.


Tailored to suit specific product requirements and branding preferences. This customization encompasses adjusting tube length and width to accommodate various product volumes and packaging needs, whether for travel-sized products or larger volumes. Diameter customization ensures the desired dispensing capacity and ease of use, with larger diameters suiting higher flow rates and smaller ones offering more controlled dispensing. 

Additionally, various shapes, such as cylindrical, oval, or custom shapes, can be offered to create distinctive packaging designs. Capacity customization ranges from small sample sizes to larger volumes for regular use. Custom closure mechanisms, such as screw caps, flip-top caps, or snap-on caps, ensure secure sealing and easy dispensing. 

Custom decor

Custom decoration printing for massage oil aluminum tubes offers a diverse range of options to elevate branding and visual appeal. These include offset printing, ideal for intricate designs and vibrant colors; silk screen printing, providing durability and versatility for multi-color applications; laser printing, ensuring high-resolution graphics for detailed logos; embossing/debossing techniques for added texture and visual interest; hot stamping with metallic finishes for a luxurious look; labeling for flexible design and information incorporation; matte/gloss finishes for specific visual effects; spot UV printing for glossy accents; metallic inks for shimmering effects; and custom color matching to maintain consistent branding. 

Abl or pbl barrier

Custom ABL (Aluminum Barrier Laminate) or PBL (Plastic Barrier Laminate) options for massage oil aluminum tubes offer flexibility and durability in packaging solutions. ABL tubes consist of multiple layers, typically including aluminum, which provides excellent barrier properties against light, air, and moisture, ensuring product integrity and stability. PBL tubes, on the other hand, feature layers of plastic materials, offering similar barrier properties with added flexibility and resilience.

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From the Brand's Perspective:

Enhanced Brand Image: Aluminum squeeze tubes convey a sense of premium quality and sophistication, elevating the brand's image and positioning it as a provider of high-quality massage oils.

Product Protection: Aluminum provides excellent protection against light, air, and moisture, helping to preserve the quality and efficacy of the massage oil. This ensures that the product remains fresh and potent, enhancing consumer satisfaction and brand reputation.

Differentiation in the Market: The use of aluminum squeeze tubes sets the brand's packaging apart from competitors, offering a sleek and modern alternative to traditional packaging options. This distinctive choice can attract attention on store shelves and appeal to discerning consumers seeking premium massage oil products.

Customization Opportunities: Despite its premium appearance, aluminum squeeze tubes can be customized with branding elements such as logos, colors, and graphics. This allows brands to maintain consistency in their visual identity and reinforce brand recognition among consumers.  

From the Consumer's Perspective: 

Easy Dispensing: The squeeze tube design allows for convenient and mess-free dispensing of massage oil, enabling consumers to control the amount of product they use and avoid wastage. This promotes a more enjoyable and hassle-free massage experience. 

Recyclability: Aluminum is a highly recyclable material, making the squeeze tubes an eco-friendly packaging option. Consumers concerned about environmental impact can appreciate brands that prioritize sustainability and offer recyclable packaging solutions. 

Longer Shelf Life: The protective properties of aluminum help extend the shelf life of massage oil by shielding it from external factors that can degrade its quality over time. This ensures that consumers can enjoy the benefits of the product for an extended period, maximizing their satisfaction and loyalty to the brand.

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