Shampoo bottle diversified design is the demand of the market

by:Lisson     2020-05-19
When it comes to shampoo bottle, often in the image of our mind are relatively fixed, plastic bottles is given priority to with butterfly cover drag. This is mainly because the shampoo market mainly dominated by several well-known brand enterprises, marketing division option is not much. However, the market is always in the development, as a part of people to become prosperous first and growing middle class, the future of shampoo market will continuously subdivision, rather than stand still, the same shampoo bottle packaging will certainly be varied. Future with shampoo market positioning, the difference between in the field of high-end shampoo bottle packaging will be need more high-grade packaging materials. The author thinks that acrylic and glass will be the future focus on packaging of high-grade shampoo bottle material type. Compared with glass shampoo bottle, acrylic shampoo bottles because of its not easy to broken, the characteristics of lower cost will be more popular. Used in shampoo lid will look more high-grade metal material, at the same time, the pump head squeezing shampoo bottle will be more popular. For ordinary shampoo bottle packaging at the same time, we think will be differentiated, large capacity of the shampoo bottle may be more suitable for some barber's or family members more consumers. With the increase of people to outdoor activities, the market will be launched for carrying small capacity of the shampoo bottle. All in all, shampoo bottle packaging market in the future will be more diverse.
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