Several live scene sweet face with red watches with beauty makeup line web celebrity economy naturally

by:Lisson     2020-11-25
Author: Deng Siyang once a group of chao 'in ten thousand, with no red' star scene sweet, since the broadcast television series 'the datang glory' to a former state becomes circle powder. Years, sweet scene studio in weibo posted its minutes video live washs a face. Major public, and the other media platforms are to summarize video which used in cosmetics, and therefore makes the sweet scene 'with the' big heat. Japan shiseido's high-end brands the GINZA was taken to the public, video middle kobayashi pharmaceutical wash eyedrops taobao price is used in the sweet jumped directly from more than 60 to eighty. Chart: sweet scene with source: prospective industry institute tidy appearance level economy drives the cosmetics market in recent years, with the development of the Internet and mobile terminal, and the media, the rise of the entertainment industry began to decentralization, ordinary people can have a chance to against the appearance level as economic source web celebrity. Under the background of the age of the Internet fast-food culture makes the high level of appearance on the gain attention, attract eyeball has the advantage. Under the demonstration of their peers, at present the mainstream consumer groups to the pursuit of beauty is also made. According to forward-looking industry research institute, beautification photos of women in the pictures of social software release, was born in - % from Years of girl, and then accounted for %. Chart: all ages of women in social software picture beautify photos of source: prospective industry institute tidy appearance level economic rise boosted China's cosmetics, medical images and beautify the development of software industry. But relative to the medical cosmetology and pictures beautification, improve appearance by cosmetic means level have relatively high safety factor, satisfy the advantages of online beautification need synchronization. Therefore, cosmetics is still on the way to improve the level of appearance in many women's first choice. In China's cosmetics market size of one hundred million yuan, year-on-year growth. %, usher in rapid growth stage. A growing number of women and some men are using makeup appearance level of ascension. Web celebrity economy for the cosmetics industry to bring more likely based on forward-looking industry institute issued by the China Internet + the depth of the cosmetics industry research and investment opportunity analysis report statistics, network is a major channels of access to information, Internet users cosmetics by age factors. In the current Internet environment, web celebrity has become a very important content output group, is that many fans in the field of beauty makeup of main information source. For the web celebrity, through cosmetics drainage is to realize the fans in the cash. At present, web celebrity and cosmetics brands cooperate mainly adopts the following three ways: the chart: the current web celebrity with major cosmetics brand cooperation method of source: prospective industry research institute at the same time, the traditional cosmetic industry has such problems as the high cost of marketing, product quality good and bad are intermingled, facing consumers decision-making pain points. And web celebrity as a connecting link between manufacturers and consumers, on the one hand, the professional ability to get fans to trust, to solve the pain points of consumption, on the other hand provide sales channels, and can improve the brand reputation and conversion rate. In addition, including exposure rate, flow behind the web celebrity, conversion and sales and other online sales data availability is strong, can further improve marketing efficiency. Red cosmetics net economic future promising beauty makeup market has not appeared in China at present authoritative products like douban movies in the film and television market reputation platform, user loyalty was still in the stage of cultivation. And the law of the mobile Internet era is 'to fans, the world'. Future web celebrity by using their own professional advantage, in social media, video broadcast and mobile beauty makeup APP platform to develop a bigger fan group, help solve pain points more high-end consumer purchase decisions. Editor: huang rui
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