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by:Lisson     2021-04-14

Friends who often buy cosmetics should be very concerned about the packaging of cosmetics, especially female friends, who are very concerned about whether the design of cosmetics packaging is exquisite. Beautiful packaging can attract many customers, which can be said to exist in every industry. So for cosmetics manufacturers, do you understand some of the issues that need to be paid attention to when designing packaging? Let's take a look together below.

1. The packaging should not be too fancy

Cosmetics are more to show the performance and effects of products, so if you want to achieve this effect, you must be true to the information and highlight the key points to the greatest extent. The cosmetic packaging of several major brands that we commonly use looks very simple and elegant, and at the same time shows a noble atmosphere. Especially for the patterns, fonts, etc. on the packaging, you are very concerned about it, and you must not make it fancy.

2. Meet the age group of the audience

A product faces different audiences, so the packaging design is also very different. Simply put, the packaging design of simple cosmetics for children and cosmetics for adults is completely different. Children’s cosmetics should be cute and cartoon ones, young people should use them to show their youthfulness, and adults should have a mature and attractive atmosphere. These elements must be grasped well. After all, different styles face different user groups. Only in this way can they cater to the market and do better marketing.

3. There must be no false propaganda

Cosmetic packaging must not contain false propaganda ingredients. Pay attention to objectivity. When designing the packaging, it must fit the product. The description of the product on the outer packaging must not be exaggerated. It must be realistic, but highlight the key points. It is still possible, so there can be a gimmick for users to purchase.

4. The packaging should pay attention to the material

Different types of cosmetics need different materials, some need glass outer packaging, and some need plastic outer packaging, so when designing, they must fit the material to ensure the overall effect of the final presentation. Different materials have different meanings to the product, and also contain cost issues. This is not a single design issue, but an overall consideration.

The above is an explanation of some of the issues that should be paid attention to in cosmetic packaging design. Although the content is relatively simple, the views and issues are still very important. Therefore, everyone should pay attention to the rational use of various elements in the design process, choose appropriate colors, and The core elements of the product are reflected, and at the same time the culture of the production enterprise must be reflected. Only this kind of packaging design can attract more consumers to buy and make our products develop better.

There are many products on the market, and many products have different packaging. Many products have been loved by many people with special packaging. The same is true in the cosmetics field. There are many brands and products, and there are many corresponding cosmetic packaging designs. So, how to design cosmetics packaging? What is the process of cosmetic packaging design?

1. Design according to the product

The design should be combined with the product's style positioning, audience and other content. Generally speaking, if it is aimed at people under the age of 25, the design requirements should be bright and younger. If it is more advanced, it should be simple and elegant.

The process of cosmetic packaging design

2. Design according to the core value of the product

The color, design, material and other content selected for product design should be determined according to the core value of the product, which can well highlight the core value of the product and attract more audiences to buy.

3. Design according to the added value of the product

In order to attract people to buy, many cosmetic brands will add a lot of added value to their products. For example, there are now many co-branded models that give the products added value and attract a lot of audiences to buy.

4. Pay attention to the harmonious combination of various elements

Including brand fonts, elements and other content, through reasonable design to attract people's attention, and then let them understand the brand, increase the probability of purchase.

When designing cosmetics packaging, you need to pay attention to the rational use of various elements, choose appropriate colors, highlight the core content of cosmetics, and add more attention to it. Doing these things well can attract more consumers to buy and make cosmetics better develop.

In the marketing of modern cosmetics, in addition to the functions of holding and protecting products, cosmetic packaging must also attract consumers to buy. Compared with other products, cosmetics pay more attention to the beauty and personality of the packaging.

In the 2019 World's Largest Packaging Design Award, the brand packaging removes unnecessary decorative elements and uses elegant milky white as the design focus. The overall tone tends to be cool without losing a sense of dignity, and has an observability that cannot be replicated.

The bottle body uses a curved design, the overall touch is smoother and softer, and the frosted visual spraying technology makes the product more comfortable and natural. The metal surround in the center of the bottle is in contrast with the simple bottle. The three-dimensional LOGO design complements each other, making the product packaging more textured.
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