Seven kinds of materials of analysis of the environmental protection and safety problems of plastic bottles

by:Lisson     2020-05-18
1, the main production material for pet ( Poly (ethyl 2 terephthalate) , commonly used to make the beverage bottle, it can heat 70 ℃, with high temperature liquid or heating is easy to deformation, lead to harmful substances RongChu, not suitable for recycling. 2、hdpe( High density polyethylene) , which is suitable for cleaning supplies, bath products, etc. , resistant to high temperature of 110 ℃, but usually not clean, become a hotbed of bacteria, it is best not to recycle. 3、pvc( Polyvinyl chloride) , mainly used in building materials, raincoat, etc. , are rarely used in food packaging, this kind of material at high temperature easy to produce harmful substances. 4, for the ldpe ( Low density polyethylene) , used in the manufacture of cling film, plastic products, such as heat resistance is not strong, more than 110 ℃ hot melt phenomenon would appear, leave some of the human body cannot decompose plastic preparation, therefore, the physical into the microwave, first remove the wrapped in plastic wrap. 5, for pp ( Polypropylene) , resistance to high temperature of 130 ℃, is the only state that can be used in the microwave, can be reused after careful cleaning, but some microwave boxes box body with 5 pp manufacture, lifted the lid with a pet or ps, so can't together with the box body into the microwave oven. 6, for ps ( Polystyrene) , is often used to make a bowl noodles box, snack box and so on, the material can into the microwave, nor for acid ( Such as orange juice) , strong alkali, because will break down the polystyrene is bad for the body. Therefore, the food should be avoided with fast food boxes of hot food or put bowl of instant noodles box of microwave heating. 7, for PC ( Polycarbonate) , used to produce the kettle, bottles, space cup, etc. , due to incomplete reaction and so on in the process of production, manufacturing plastic containers of this material easy to release poisonous substance bisphenol a, should try to avoid using this material to make plastic containers holding food. From the above summary, we concluded that 5 material, can be recycled, other are considered. Also note a few common sense: drink hot drinks unfavorable use plastic straw, the deeper the color of the straw more insecure; Bottles not insolate or long-term recycling; After using supermarket gift should pay attention to distinguish between material plastic cups used correctly; The refrigerator cold storage, frozen food using plastic wrap or plastic bag, don't use ordinary instead of plastic bags; Disable color plastic bags holding food directly, avoid plastic chemical composition of seepage due to oil or when it is heated.
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