Quzhou City spray bottle printing process

by:Lisson     2020-06-09
9 Quzhou City spray bottle printing process, laser silver card, gold card two kinds of color, can make the rainbow and local hologram of coated card, have high anti-counterfeit effect. In general, the power to the importance of environmental protection, have very broad prospects and market. But, according to foresight industry institute released the power market of foresight and the environmental protection industry investment strategy planning analysis report analysis, it does exists many issues in electric power environmental protection in our country. First of all, the power industry development level is low, the concrete in the low level of per capita electricity, low proportion of coal conversion power, average power generation rate is low, pollution situation is still grim. 2, electroplating ( UV) Effect: compared with spray figure out is bright. In 2016, the ministry released the overall concept of ecological construction of big data, puts forward to use data, decision making, and service, it is also monitoring the trend of The Times in the future. In the environmental protection supervision recently in guizhou province in folio rectification scheme, is proposed to establish ecological complex 'big data'. 【 Environmental protection industry dynamic online 】 Environmental protection equipment manufacturing smart as a new generation of technology and the product of governance depth fusion, not only can provide new 'green' and industrial manufacturing with emerging intelligent infrastructure support, and catalytic personalization, grid control, service and other new forms, promote the industrial upgrading and developing the new kinetic energy environmental protection equipment. Five, the printing process among agricultural rural pollution governance, indicating the urgency and importance. Is it that serious pollution in the countryside. Market on it. However, because most of rural far away from the central region, most of the time the status of the rural unknown, sometimes even misunderstandings. It is many people on the rural pollution. Is it that serious pollution in the countryside. 3, glass material is relatively consistent, modelling is more, the processing technology, rich and diversification cap collocation, common bottle shape is cylindrical, elliptic, flat look, prismatic, conical, manufacturers often series bottle shape. The bottle technology on coating,, frosted, half toning, screen printing, bronzing, hot silver, etc. 2, ABS, belong to the engineering plastic, not environmental protection, high hardness, not directly with the cosmetic, food, in acrylic cosmetics packaging materials are generally cover, inside shoulder sleeve material. Yellow or milk white in colour. In 2014, a symposium on the topic of procuratorate Wan Chun, director of the policy research office of the law is revealed, the procuratorial existence problem of law in administration to crime. 'Around the prosecution in the implementation of special case, often found no case of ecological crime, is always accompanied by administrative to shall be transferred clues are not transferred to the case. In December 2016, successively published in April 2017, including pollution of tengger desert series of criminal cases, 11 typical criminal cases. Provincial ecological damage compensation cases, the case of new types of resources, combined with local actual situation, the pilot regions actively provincial ecological compensation litigation rules, improved in accordance with the law. Opinions, points out that to speed up the construction of sewage treatment and sludge disposal cost and reasonable profits of the price mechanism, accelerate the establishment is conducive to garbage classification and reduction, recycling and disposal of the incentive constraints mechanism, establish and improve the compensation cost, reasonable profit and motivate the water supply, to promote saving water price forming mechanism and dynamic, energy conservation and emissions reduction, backward push energy-intensive industry, guide the power allocation of resources. D, PETG ( Environmental protection material) Flocking high frequency and the thickness of 0. 2mm— 0. 8 mm rolling is to pass through the expected processing (resin and all kinds of additives Kneading, filter, etc. ) After by two or more calender to instead of the calender roll gap processed into film or sheet, then falls off from the calender roller, after cooling to finalize the design of a forming again. The calender is mainly used in polyvinyl chloride resin molding, can make film, sheet, plate, artificial leather, floor tile and other products. 2, blister products, used in cosmetics are mask, ruffled blister, bottom edge, the turnover plate, folded in half, the bottom cover, thirty percent blister.
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