Old cosmetics bottle recycling utilization low encourage lovers collection

by:Lisson     2020-05-18
We all know, in response to market competition, a lot of cosmetics manufacturer in cosmetic bottle packaging made a lot of effort, on the differentiation of cosmetics bottles of material is more and more luxuriant appearance, on the cost of investment is also more and more high. However, with the new cosmetics it is brought to the attention of a contrast with old cosmetics bottle recycling utilization rate is low, and its not environmental protection. var cpro_id = 'u1293258'; For dealing with waste cosmetics bottles, at present the market has not formed a good solution. The author thinks that there are several channel plan is worth considering. First of all, the recycling of cosmetics manufacturers. At present, the cosmetics manufacturers on the market did not pay attention to the cosmetics bottles of post processing, through the rules governing the cosmetics manufacturers to improve their brand cosmetics bottles recovery, able to quickly to speed up the old cosmetics bottle recycling. Second, abandoned multi-purpose development of cosmetics, such as used to make arts and crafts, etc. , in order to promote abandoned cosmetics bottles of channels, strengthen the abandoned cosmetics bottles of market demand. Finally, cosmetics bottles of elegant appearance, some still treasure set limit to, the possibility of bottle is a collection of cosmetics, encourage the lovers on the market for some cosmetics bottle collection, it is worth trying to direction. In conclusion, cosmetic bottle recycling need to solve more handle, otherwise a large number of high-cost exquisitely crafted cosmetics bottle waste, is a huge waste of resources.
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