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by:Lisson     2021-03-25

The ointment tube is the packaging material and container used in the ointment produced by the ointment manufacturer to directly contact the ointment. The ointment tube for aluminum pharmacy is an aluminum collapsible tube directly used for filling ointment, containing 99.7% industrial pure aluminum. As a part of the ointment, the quality, safety, performance of the ointment tube itself, and the compatibility between the packaging materials and the medicine have an impact on the quality of the medicine.

When choosing a downstream supplier of ointment aluminum collapsible tubes, pharmaceutical companies need to focus on the following aspects

◎Manufacturing environment: Whether the clean and sealed room meets GMP pharmaceutical standards

◎Safety standards: Whether equipped with corresponding testing equipment and technical means, whether a complete quality testing system has been established, product safety directly affects the quality of your final products

◎Capacity: The production capacity of an ointment aluminum collapsible tube manufacturer is very critical. The accuracy of the delivery date determines the production efficiency of the pharmaceutical company
◎Ointment tube price: I believe that when choosing a supplier, price is a very important reference factor. The price of ointment aluminum collapsible tube will directly affect the market competitiveness of your final product

Only when manufacturers of ointment aluminum collapsible tube meet the above requirements can they consider the scope, and then they need to implement the product itself.

Outer coating: The adhesion is firm, and the inner and outer coatings should be free of cracks and peeling.

Inner coating: food-grade epoxy phenolic resin, in line with FDA food hygiene standards, to ensure that the ointment aluminum collapsible tube is safe and non-toxic, and has good sealing performance

Tail glue: Food-grade environmentally friendly latex, which emphasizes food-grade, is the particularity of ointment, anti-corrosion and anti-leakage.

Tube printing: Can we provide various printing, aluminum collapsible tube hot stamping, hot silver hot stamping and heat transfer printing technology for special hoses, colorful, clear graphics, beautiful vision, outstanding product image, good publicity effect, all products bonus.

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The ointment tube product standard and process raw material standard adopts a fully automatic production line and is committed to the production and development of aluminum hoses. Its appearance quality, physical and chemical indicators, and hygienic indicators meet the requirements of the national standard for medicinal ointment aluminum collapsible tube YBB10022016, and are fully equipped Corresponding testing equipment and technical means.

Aluminum hose products are safe, hygienic, corrosion-resistant, non-leakage, beautiful, easy to use, and environmentally friendly. They are widely used in medicine, cosmetics, daily chemical, food and other industries.

Question: Why add tail glue when sealing the aluminum collapsible tube of medicinal ointment?

1) Enhance the sealing of the aluminum collapsible tube of medicinal ointment to prevent leakage of the ointment

2) Isolate the air and humidity to prevent the ointment products from being contaminated

3) Ensure the shelf life of ointment products

3. What are the requirements for the tail glue of the aluminum collapsible tube of medicinal ointment?

1) It must be food-grade environmentally friendly latex to ensure safety, non-toxicity and environmental protection

2) Adopt automatic mechanical tail glue to prevent secondary pollution

3) The width of the tail glue needs to be adjusted according to the size of the aluminum hose. The larger the size of the aluminum collapsible tube, the more difficult it is to apply the tail glue.
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