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by:Lisson     2020-05-28
At the recent regional level science exhibition organized by the education bureau of the school in Puduchery, there was an exhibition that stood out for its timeliness.
Today, due to heavy rainfall along the coast of Tamil Nadu and puduchry, more areas are plagued by floods and the exhibition may prove to be a lowcost lifesaver. Designed by R.
Senthilkumar, teacher of Government Primary School, Manalipet, R.
Anita, the teacher is in Thiruvandarkoil and K at Guanli primary school.
Thiruvandarkoil is also a third-year student in government Elementary School, and this exhibition is a \"plastic bottle boat \".
The three compartments \"boat\" are basically floats made of stitched canvas of the three compartments.
The compartment was then filled with empty old plastic bottles.
Its design and the air in the empty bottle allow it to float like any Inflatable swim tube or ring.
Prior to the exhibition, teachers and some volunteers conducted tests in the waters of kudarol, she said. Anita.
Not a waste \"plastic bottles are thrown away, polluting the environment.
So we can use them . \"
Thrisha added, \"all the waste can get great!
\"About the ship on the 5th \'.
6 inch long can support one person and can be used to transport the elderly or children in the case of floods.
The ship needs three metres of fabric, three zippers and only about Rs.
She said it would cost 200. Anita.
\"Boats\" are divided into three compartments to prevent bottles from being collected at one end and to ensure their uniform distribution, she saidThrisha. Ms.
Anita said that the puduchry government introduced the CBSE syllabus in the primary school classroom, which helps students and teachers embrace activities --
Mainly based on learning.
\"I try to teach the kids with charts and activities and explain things in a scientific way.
I asked the students to think about the practical solutions to the problems they saw around them.
Students are encouraged to think and ask questions.
The method of \"chalk and dialogue\" is now out of date . \"Anita.
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