Introduction to the development of cosmetic plastic bottle twist

by:Lisson     2020-05-18
Cosmetics has long been a widely watched, in terms of the problem, cosmetics without packaging bottle packaging that is hard to have a foothold in the market; Now the style of the cosmetics bottles on the market more and more, because no matter from the size, material, appearance is one of the most abundant, such as through the appeal, we know the cosmetics bottles in the municipal court can have different orientation and segmentation; Developed to today, modern cosmetics bottles on the choice of packaging materials and containers, structure design and decoration design, etc has formed the following four characteristics: one, the plastic materials and composite materials in cosmetics packaging the application scope is more and more big, the packaging container, especially the modelling of plastic bottles designed tend to diversification. On the contrary, the use of glass bottles is restricted, only wait for high-end cosmetics or vulnerable fragrance perfume cosmetics or using glass bottle to packing. Second, the cosmetic packaging bottle specification diversification. In order to meet the needs of different, the capacity of the container size is diversified, to facilitate consumer choice. Three, cosmetic packaging design series. Usually is the logo and font for unification, but with a different colour, water lines, or different modelling structure of varieties. Four, cosmetics packaging container is more and more adapted to the needs of the development of personalized. Manufacturers are often from the aspects of sex, age, region and race, for different people's aesthetic taste and cosmetics for different forms of packing. As we all know, recent everybody chase high light, environmental protection, etc. , but depending on the positioning, so a lot of cosmetic plastic bottles are still luxury packaging, and some will use glass packaging, as we all know, the shelf life of cosmetics are in three years to five years, and for a long time will stay in consumers' hands, especially everyone would like to take out, then there is need to pay attention to a circulation problem, sealing, suitable for carrying, it is safety, should not be broken, this is to prevent the invasion of bacteria; Moreover is the collection, the government has been concerned about biodegradable packaging material, in short, all cosmetics packaging should set out from the market positioning, from the consumer's demand, product series into outer label should be targeted specific analysis; Cosmetics bottles manufacturing technology and material, the dongguan cheung near think there is still a lot of places can improve; After the development trend of cosmetics will have new breakthrough; Dongguan xiang plastic products in the 【 0769 - 876388118 】 , 10 years professional custom plastic containers production technology, professional production: HDPE bottle, PP bottle, PET, PS bottle, acrylic bottle, widely used in cosmetics, health products, food and pharmaceutical packaging
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