Interchangeable in the method of making cartridges cosmetics packaging containers of cosmetics packaging material

by:Lisson     2020-05-16
A compact interchangeable inside container of cosmetics packaging material, including compact frame components, the casing outside the compact components including frame chassis and outside the box cover, the casing outside the upper cover can be moved close connection to the outside box chassis, also has the positioning ring, airtight airtight cartridges cartridges and pump pressure type, orientation of the outer circle removable frame described in the chassis, air cartridges can remove positioning on the outside of the positioning ring, and the positioning ring and airtight cartridges capacity frame described in the chassis and frame cover for space; Pump pressure type air cartridges can remove the positioning connection frame described in the chassis, and the pump pressure type air cartridges frame described in the chassis and frame cover form for space.
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