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by:Lisson     2020-05-18
Injection molding and extrusion blow molding bottles for cosmetics comparative extrusion blow molding and injection blow molding of plastic bottles differences between two methods of process in injection molding. Injection molding and extrusion blow molding of medicinal plastic bottles of comparative extrusion blow molding and injection blow molding of plastic bottles difference between two kinds of process methods: injection molding, used for the molding of plastic bottles to include male die and female die. By the injection machine, plastic melt under high pressure into a mold cavity, open cavity, the male mold must be removed from the cavity die, with out bottles. In extrusion blow molding, to adopt the extrusion molding. Blow molding mold mainly consists of two female die, generally do not need to male mold, injecting the compressed air blowing parison. The characteristics of the extrusion blow molding injection compared with crowded blowing, extrusion blow molding characteristics as follows: 1. Blow to forming wall thickness is very thin products, such products can't to be formed by injection method. But blowing molding shape complex and irregular and integral for the products. Using injection blow molding, after Mr To produce two or more pieces, by buckles, solvent adhesive or ultrasonic welding together. 2. Blow molding grade plastic ( Such as PE) The molecular weight is much higher than injection grade plastic. This blow molding product has the high impact toughness and high environment stress cracking resistance, this is very favorable for production of the large capacity of plastic bottles. 3. , because of the blow molding mold only consists of die cavity by simply adjusting the nose or extrusion die clearance conditions can change the bottle wall thickness, the advance can not accurately calculate the thickness of products is very favourable. For injection molding, need to change the wall thickness of the product cost is much higher. 4. Blow molding machine ( Especially the blow molding mold) Cost is low, such as forming the same products, blow molding machinery cost about 1/3 or 1/2 of injection molding machine, the production cost is low. , blow molding, the parison is at low pressure through the extrusion molding and at low pressure ( Most of 0. 2 to 1. 0 MPa) Blew up next, and product the residual stress is lesser, tensile, impact resistance, bending and environment and so on various strain of high performance, has good performance. In the injection blow molding, plastic melt under high pressure ( 15~140 MPa) By mold runner and gate, which can result in asymmetrical stress distribution. Dongguan xiang plastic products in the 【 0769 - 876388118 】 , 10 years professional custom plastic containers production technology, specializing in the production of plastic packaging bottles of cosmetics, cosmetics lotion bottle, lotion bottle, cream bottle, providing customized, wholesale and sales service. More details in dongguan xiang Lin plastic cosmetic packaging bottle manufacturers: WWW. xlfzpping。 com
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