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by:Lisson     2021-01-14

guangzhou cosmetics cosmetics packaging material production supply is cosmetic packaging products such as professional production and processing company, was founded in - - , is located in the town of ishii DaLang DaLang village industrial zone, beautiful environment, traffic convenient, to provide good conditions for the development of the company, is a set design, plate making, printing as one of the production-oriented enterprise. Owns advanced equipment at home and abroad, which can meet the needs of different customers, with professional frosting, spraying color, printing, hot stamping process producing cosmetics cosmetics packaging materials, etc. Is a collection development, production, sales in the integration of industrial plastic products manufacturing enterprises. Products from design, mould, sample and production, frosting, polishing, spraying, high and low temperature monochromatic and multicolor printing, hot stamping, The silver) Delivery to implement one-stop service. Plastic products co. , LTD. Is specialized in providing cosmetic plastic packaging, laguan cosmetics packaging, plastic packaging materials, essential oils, cosmetics packaging, cream cosmetics packaging materials, emulsion cosmetics packaging materials, etc all kinds of cosmetics packaging materials, and to provide our customers the plastic accessories, shower heads, cosmetics packaging supporting services such as shoulder and bottom cover. Product quality is stable, complete specifications. Products throughout the country, and exported to Malaysia and other countries, well received by customers. Our company can according to different requirements of customers, for customers to customizing, can meet the quality requirements of customers, and can ensure customer price request. Company to market as the guidance, in strict accordance with the ISO quality management system to manage the production, and has the self-management import and export rights, with South Korea, Japan, Indonesia, the Middle East, the United Kingdom, the United States, and many other countries and regions have more communication and cooperation, products are exported to more than one hundred countries and regions of the world. Past successes with the trust of customers, also carrying the hope for the future, in the face of the vagaries of business, guangzhou as always pursues the spirit of 'diligence, forge ahead', adhere to cosmetics manufacturers to provide excellent cosmetic packaging. Company and the major national logistics has established good relations of cooperation, we will - after receiving orders from cosmetics manufacturer A working days to send the goods, timely delivery, freight negotiation between the seller and the buyer. While ensure the quality and delivery, cosmetics cosmetics packaging material son also keep a large advantage in price. Guangzhou is a professional sales unit with packaging cosmetics use cosmetics cosmetics packaging material, services across the country and other regions, with many years of experience, with good service and reliable products to win customers. Years of growth, the company has accumulated rich experience, and formed the industry professional sales service system, providing customers with superior cosmetics cosmetics packaging materials and services, all-round to meet customer requirements. Enterprises in the continuous development, and always pay attention to intensify investment in science and technology and the development of new products. Meticulous, refining the hammer. Guangzhou wish with low price, high quality in order to return customers, by the good faith as this, with excellent cosmetics cosmetics packaging and perfect service to meet the needs of users. And closely cooperate with the customers, benefit for customers, customer satisfaction as the goal, and look forward to working with the majority of cosmetics manufacturers and the new and old customers to establish long-term, stable relations of cooperation. Above is about the cosmetics cosmetics packaging materials factory, cosmetics packaging packaging materials wholesale, cosmetics container factory, cosmetics cosmetics packaging material detailed information, if there are any questions, please call contact, guangzhou city, has a professional staff to answer for you
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