Garbage classification is coming, so cosmetics bottle is what rubbish?

by:Lisson     2020-05-18
Cosmetics belong to hazardous waste, by adding chemicals, will affect human health, depending on the type of garbage classification, are classified as hazardous waste. Hazardous waste is harmful to human health, natural environment of garbage, in addition to cosmetics, waste batteries, waste paint bucket, expired medicines, belong to hazardous waste, such as the rubbish should use a special method for processing. Articles for daily use of cosmetics is very common, often be blotted out on the facial skin, in order to enhance the beauty, the effect of modification, adding a certain cosmetics chemical composition, the chemical composition within the scope of the provisions to use, will not harm the skin of the face. Although within the shelf life of cosmetics is safe and effective, but once the expired cosmetics, will grow bacteria, mixes with chemicals will affect the health, will be expired cosmetics discarded will pollute the environment. Throw rubbish, cosmetics to throw into the trash can on behalf of the hazardous waste, under normal circumstances, the harmful rubbish bin, mostly red, barrel body both in Chinese and English respectively marked with the words 'hazardous waste', easy to distinguish. Because a lot of cosmetics bottle is glass more, to gently into the trash can, garbage disposal to prevent the glass broken, if is prevented bask in spray cans such as pressure containers, should be inside the bottle of gas emptying and then thrown into the trash can.
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