Empty cosmetics bottle recycling is worth promoting

by:Lisson     2020-05-19
In the 'low carbon economy' and 'low carbon life' of today, more and more people and organizations involved in environmental protection cause, to create green home contribution strength. In create beautiful cosmetics industry, in particular, through a variety of unique ways of expressing support for environmental protection, recycling empty cosmetics bottle is one of the most direct, the most common way. Yesterday, the famous Chinese natural cosmetics brand PBA was launched 'your empty bottles of cosmetics, we recycle; You do environmental protection, we pay 'of environmental protection activities, not only the recovery of this brand of cosmetics bottles, empty empty cosmetics bottles of other brands are recycled, and cosmetics of watches. Is of great significance to environmental protection activities, PBA cosmetics company, head of the research and development director, said ms Wang Kezhen in cosmetics industry, not only in other kinds of industry at present, adopting soft plastic or hard plastics as a packaging product very much, if can effectively recycling, to don't ask, don't know the meaning of environmental protection. However, at present only a tiny part of the cosmetics brand cosmetics bottle recycling activities carried out empty, and mostly confined to recycle their own brand of empty cosmetics bottles. 'Believe there will be more and more cosmetics brands to come in, to create a low carbon environmental protection of green living and working together to' ms Wang Kezhen said. And as the initiator of the activity, the PBA has historically been very much pay attention to environmental protection, advocate 'the human and the nature harmonious coexistence' of environmental protection concept. On product packaging, the PBA has been sticking to the recycling of packaging materials, can use, biodegradable, environmental protection standards, constantly developing new environmental protection materials and new processing technology, exaggerated product packaging 'protective, functional, fashion, environmental protection,' 'four sex', broke the past give priority to in order to shape the limitations of traditional design idea, advocated 'green design', so as to reduce and avoid the pollution to the environment. And 'close to nature, to protect the environment,' but also the ideological guidance of PBA engaged in everything. Recovery will be carried out after the same secondary processing, glass, plastic, metal is the main materials used cosmetics bottles, with the amount of plastic and among them the most. After a lot of consumers are using the cosmetics, the empty bottle of discarded cosmetics, cause environmental pollution; Or wash the empty cosmetics bottle after hiding, it has not been able to fully recycling, waste of resources. According to the above situation, the PBA launched 'your empty bottles, we recycle; You do environmental protection, we pay 'activities, recycling empty bottles, and gives the corresponding number of points, encouraging consumers to actively to join in environmental action, to create a low carbon green strength and outstanding contribution to the earth home life. After PBA empty recycle cosmetics bottles, can take the printed labels on the cosmetics bottle is empty, the bottle recycling symbol according to its classification, the cap if the bottle material also want to distinguish between different classes, empty cosmetics bottle is simple in recycled water flushing, then the same secondary processing, used for other purposes, fully recycling recycling, resource utilization and improvement, reduce the pollution to the environment.
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