Cosmetics packaging trend of green environmental protection!

by:Lisson     2020-05-17
Cosmetics packaging world environmental protection green is trend recently, a reporter in wuhan plaza, Wu Shang trade square, group of department and other department stores to see light, such as green, low carbon, environmental protection concept has been blown into the cosmetics industry, more pure, does not contain preservatives, spices and other additives avene, Fancl products as the biggest selling point. In addition, the small capacity of Fancl packaging, and the use of avene new aseptic tank technology, more make preservative-free cosmetic concerns how to better save no longer become the consumer choose and buy. Learned, preservative is quite a few general cosmetics ingredients, its main purpose is to prevent the cosmetics, the active ingredient in use process go bad. Although many cosmetics has gradually abandon traditional preservatives, but the introduction of the composition such as ethanol, essential oil, its main purpose is still to corrosion, and these components including the essence, is often the enemy of sensitive skin. A few days ago, the French avene in han first use sterile tank technology series - — Avene soothing care series. It is understood that the use of sterile tank technology, can let the consumer in the use of tubes of aseptic skin care products, need not add any preservatives, and keep skin care products during the whole using aseptic condition, in order to avoid the bacterial contamination. The Fancl continued to launch small capacity of packaging of cosmetics, make consumers can quickly in a short time after use, avoiding the deterioration due to products do not contain preservatives after problems. In addition, many cosmetics leaner on components selection, to the greatest degree avoid bring sensitivity skin problems, such as avene soothing care series do not contain any surface active agent, composition is very concise, the cleanser only contains six kinds of ingredients, and face cream contains only 9 kinds of ingredients. The expert reminds, sensitive skin comes at a time since the turn of the spring/summer season, when consumer is choosing cosmetics, can choose first after ear or elbow inside 5 x 5 cm square area, apply twice a day, a week, this can effectively avoid replacing cosmetics cause sensitive skin.
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