Cosmetics packaging should be in the starting line

by:Lisson     2020-05-17
Women are the most sensitive consumers, often because of a nice design or logo, can be moved by her. A successful packaging design not only can quickly catch the attention of consumers, but also can make people perceive within the packaging products, including quality, grade, modelling taste, produce immediately impulse purchases. So, cosmetics sales, packaging is the primary. Especially a lot of small and medium-sized cosmetics enterprises, there is not enough for advertising and publicity in connection with advertising support conditions. If can work hard in the packaging, start from the packaging of the product brand construction is the right thing to do. And packaging design is a crucial part of the brand construction. Unfortunately, among the many small and medium-sized enterprises in our country, really realize the importance of packaging design, and put it as a sign of marketing and brand promotion project to do not a few. So for cosmetics packaging design is to follow certain rules: the first is to targeted, like 30 and 40 years old of women, of color and pattern recognition ( Aesthetic) Is a significant difference; Reference competing goods, the second after studying their packaging design, must be on their own package build and strengthen our differences; Third marketing, wrapped in a terminal have the function of the silent dumping member, sales of packaging function to promote the packaging must be from an economic and practical consideration, on the one hand, the added value of products through its design improvement, on the other hand, through its necessary design satisfied people material and spiritual needs, because of the influence of tradable design, packaging design changing style, won the favour of consumers by popular fashion. Refining the core of the unique selling point! How to extract the unique, the core and effective product selling point? Refining selling point is mainly taken from the material of product, process, function, detail, color, shape, quality, environmental protection, humanitarian, selling point is the most commonly used, derived from the product itself, also focus on the most customers, whether the product itself is all of the value of the 'carrier'. Selling point can find out, and should conform to the interests of consumers and purpose, look at procter &gamble's pantene, rejoice, head and shoulders, vs, ica, admittedly are shampoo, but each have separate selling point.
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