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by:Lisson     2020-05-15
Cosmetics packaging materials manufacturers, said first we need to know what colour makeup order steps, and then to learn make-up before preparation, so as to change good makeup, makeup tutorials here are introduction, girls learn a lot. Beginners make up the correct order of steps: clean the skin & rarr; Skin & rarr; The nutrition cream & rarr; Threading & rarr; Prevent bask in segregation frost & rarr; Xiu yan liquid & rarr; Powdery bottom & rarr; Powdery cake & rarr; Thrush & rarr; Eye shadow & rarr; Eyeliner & rarr; Lip liner lipstick & rarr; Rouge & rarr; Calm makeup & rarr; Clip eyelash & rarr; False eyelash & rarr; Eyelash to cream. Thoroughly clean the skin before 1, the makeup: before making up must do a good job in skin care can not only achieve a good effect that protect skin, and skin care work, for the persistence of makeup look and break us has a good ascension! Thoroughly clean the skin, after first use protect wet model make up water softening corneous layer, make the follow-up products essence is easier to be absorbed, and then select the suitable creams besmear and massage it fully absorbed. 2, threading: with eyebrow pencil to draw the right eyebrow, first to pull out redundant eyebrows, painted on the eyebrow would be more accurate. With eyebrow brush brush over his eyebrows, long eyebrow clip is short, and then use lotion wipe for cleaning. 3, prevent bask in segregation frost: isolation makeup and dust pollution damage to the skin, the equivalent of a layer of protective film of the skin. Do not need too much makeup before the amount of milk, along the direction of the pores gently pat evenly. 4, yan liquid: adjust uneven skin tone, white take yan liquid can increase the transparency of skin color, green can modify localized redness of skin condition, purple or blue yan liquid can modify yellow color of skin, and bead light feeling of yan liquid local use in T zone, can let a face stereo. 5, foundation: selection and color close to the phase of powdery bottom, either with fingers, a sponge or brush powdery bottom makeup, should follow the principle of them a little more. 6, powdery cake: can be thin on the T zone press powdery cake can make bottom makeup more durable, this step can be ignored. 7, thrush, eyebrow pencil and eyebrow powder color and hair color consistent as far as possible, draw eyebrow shape, the eyebrow brush along & other; His brow & rarr; Eyebrow peak & rarr; Eyebrow end & throughout; Flat brush gently decorate, make eyebrow color even. 8, eye shadow, deep, shallow color, the same color in different from below the eyelid to above painting gradually, from deep to shallow, can shape eyes profound effect. Eyes will look bigger at least 1/3, and the very god, is very bright. 9 lipstick, lip line: lip makeup in general use lip gloss is ok, the color of the lip gloss is best with the theme of the clothing color is consistent. If you want to be more delicate, can use of lip line draw a clear line. 10, rouge: to select the suitable cheek is red color, to the mirror smile, zygomatic parts are on the cheek is red can play parts. Every time when using less amount of cheek is red, light; Can brush a few times until more perfect effect. 11, calm makeup: can sweep on powder to fix makeup, cosmetics will not shift or flake easily, keep makeup look luster, extend the durability of makeup look. Moreover, in order to pat powder puff penetrate into skin, help improve the adhesion of makeup to the skin, rough pores can also get a certain degree of hidden. 12, clip eyelash: clip eyelash points have three stages, respectively from the roots, middle, to the LIDS Mao Shao clip out natural curve. 13, false eyelash: according to your own eyes length prune false eyelash length, along the false eyelash stems covered with a layer of glue on both ends of part can apply some more, the glue dry status posted on the upper part of the eyelashes. 14, mascara: eyelash to cream daub method is & other; Z” Word up brush, after wearing a false eyelash brush a layer of mascara, but the true and false eyelashes together.
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