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Custom Eco friendly PE Tube Cosmetic PCR Squeeze Tube with Ironing Applicator

Custom Eco friendly PE Tube Cosmetic PCR Squeeze Tube with Ironing Applicator

Suitable for
Cosmetic Skincare, Personal Care, Beauty Care
Type of Formula
Cream, Lotion, Gel, Serum, Oil...
Tube Diameter
Filling Capacity
Tube Material
PE, PCR plastic, Sugarcane Bioplastic, ABL
Tube Decoration
Offset, Silkscreen,Hot Stamping, Labeling, 1-8 color printing
Cap Material
Cap Decoration
Metallization, Lacquering, Frosted, Gloss, Matte optional
Minimum Order
Logo and Printing Custom Service
in Stock

Custom Eco-friendly PE Makeup Tube Cosmetic PCR LIP GLOSS Squeeze Tube with Ironing Applicator


Professional Finish:

  • The ironing applicator is designed to mimic the effect of professional makeup application tools, helping users achieve a polished and refined look.

Precise Application:

  • The ironing applicator provides a precise and controlled application of cosmetic products, ensuring an even and smooth coverage.

Smooth Finish:

  • The ironing applicator is designed to provide a smooth and flawless finish, helping users achieve a professional look with ease.

Differentiation in the Market:

  • Combining a squeeze tube with an ironing applicator offers a unique product in the market, potentially setting it apart from standard cosmetic packaging.

Efficient Dispensing:

  • Controlled dispensing through the squeeze tube and the ironing applicator minimizes product wastage, allowing users to apply the desired amount without excess spillage.

Lisson PCR Lip Gloss Tube with ironing applicator

Introducing Lisson Lip Gloss PCR Squeeze Tube with Ironing Applicator, an innovative packaging solution that combines sustainability and convenience for your lip gloss line. This exceptional product not only showcases your commitment to eco-friendly packaging but also offers a revolutionary applicator for flawless lip gloss application. Let's explore the highlights of the Lip Gloss PCR Squeeze Tube with Ironing Applicator:

Sustainable Squeeze Tube Packaging: The Lip Gloss PCR Squeeze Tube is crafted from Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) materials, reducing the reliance on new plastics and promoting a circular economy. By opting for this eco-friendly packaging, your lip gloss brand can actively contribute to environmental preservation and meet the rising consumer demand for sustainable products.

Ironing Applicator: The standout feature of this packaging is the integrated Ironing Applicator, designed specifically for lip gloss application. With its smooth and flat surface, the applicator glides effortlessly over the lips, evenly distributing the lip gloss for a flawless and professional finish. This innovative applicator ensures precise application, enhancing the overall lip gloss experience for your customers.

Versatile Usage: The Lip Gloss PCR Squeeze Tube with Ironing Applicator is suitable for various lip gloss formulations, including glosses with different textures, finishes, and pigmentation. The applicator's design allows for easy and controlled dispensing of the lip gloss, ensuring that your customers achieve the desired level of shine and color intensity.

Hygienic and Convenient: The Ironing Applicator remains protected within the tube, preventing contamination and ensuring a hygienic application each time. This feature is particularly important for lip care products, as customers value cleanliness and convenience in their beauty routines.

Customization Opportunities: The PCR Squeeze Tube provides ample space for branding and customization, allowing you to showcase your lip gloss brand's logo, product information, and design elements. This enables you to create a visually appealing packaging that aligns with your brand's identity and attracts customers.

Trendsetting and Innovative: By offering the Lip Gloss PCR Squeeze Tube with Ironing Applicator, your lip gloss brand can position itself as forward-thinking and trendsetting. This unique packaging solution sets you apart from competitors, capturing the attention of customers looking for innovative and sustainable beauty products.

Embrace the Lip Gloss PCR Squeeze Tube with Ironing Applicator as a sustainable and convenient packaging choice for your lip gloss brand. With its eco-friendly materials and revolutionary applicator, this packaging solution not only enhances the lip gloss application process but also demonstrates your brand's commitment to the environment.

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