Cosmetics packaging materials how to seize the market critical points

by:Lisson     2020-05-16
According to the National Bureau of Statistics show that 2012 - In 2018, our country cosmetics retail as a whole to maintain steady growth trend. Above designated units in 2018, the cosmetics retail sales is 261. 9 billion yuan, rose 9. 6%, higher than China's total retail sales of social consumer goods in the whole year of 2018 growth rate of 0. 6%. In this era of 'level' appearance, cosmetics demand continues to expand. Colour makeup, also attract more people to join colour makeup to nurture and compete for the market. In recent years, witnessed a more and more fresh blood pours into the industry, in which there are many outstanding person, 'speakers' constantly, gain a foothold in this piece of the red sea market. These newcomers, strong market reaction, knowledge of the 'level of appearance is justice' principle, in the packing ways have their own distinctive style, by the young group. In the past, we take 'the straw cover pearls' to describe without good packaging, high-quality cosmetics, but pieces of cultural power, in The Times of rise and fall are soon to straw to match the pearl, I'm afraid I really can't. Because the packaging and product, complement each other, as close as lips and teeth.
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