Cosmetics packaging material analytic air cushion cartridges cosmetics packaging production technical solutions

by:Lisson     2020-05-16
Cosmetics packaging materials manufacturers, said of the technical scheme of the utility model is: a compact air cushion, including by cover, cover powder, powder, foundation of the box body, powder as stated in the cover between the tower and foundation is also in the frame, the base and the powder on the cover, above mentioned powder cover also has a powder, powder, powder and cover the base hole of each has a inter-permeation box box is equipped with a liquid ascend a hole, as described in the foundation of bridge with a tubular spring, spring seat with inner pressure column, the spring seat of the lateral set a spring, internal pressure cylinder with inner pressure above the ring, spring has spring cover, above mentioned the pink cover fit within the powdery bottom seat, described the oppressed in foundation and powder of the spring cover, as described in the base of the set piece in the powder and fit with powdery bottom seat, above mentioned in box button at the top of the pedestal, with each other between powder box and cover in the oppression of external pressure and internal pressure, external pressure by a shaft connection in the bottom of the box, inside the tablet by a shaft connection piece above the hole in the powder, powder fit cover inside the box, powder piece set between powder cover and the box, covered by cannulated screw rotation connection on the base
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