Cosmetics packaging company The difference between the cosmetics packaging materials and packaging What are the cosmetics packaging materials

by:Lisson     2020-05-16
Cosmetics packaging material manufacturer to tell you: - — Fashion consumer goods, many women face project, and as cosmetics packaging material, also is an essential part of the cosmetics brand system, if the raw material formula is for the inner beauty cosmetics, and packaging materials is the inner beauty a transmission and security escort, she is a natural flower guardian. Lipstick tube manufacturer a chat with you, the difference between the packaging materials and packaging. Packaging material consists of many specific product configuration, according to the material within the portfolio is divided into material, packaging materials and outsourcing packaging materials in direct contact with the contents, such as container classes, containing PET bottle, glass bottle, acrylic bottle, form a complete set of container ( Also known as the distributor) The pump head, cap, sprayer, etc; And outsourcing material primary function is to protect the safety of the packaging materials, indirect protecting the contents, and because outsourcing material mix Lou in the outside, can face the consumers, so the outsourcing materials became a brand media publicity channels, outsourcing material into carton, carton, label and so on. Cosmetics packaging material manufacturer to tell you: packaging material according to the nature of the material is divided into soft material and hard material, hard material is mainly within the packaging material is given priority to, such as glass bottles, plastic bottles, caps, etc. , while soft packaging material is outsourcing material is given priority to, such as cartons, labels, shrink film, etc. Packaging material is real TO B industrial products, and packaging are not, packaging is essentially a kind of form, he is one of the packaging material collection, when packaging products in OEM/ODM bottling plant internal processing, all kinds of container or named for each category of material and form a complete set, and when the product after the completion of the filling, through channels into the market, for terminal customers, they are no longer called pump head, bottles and labels, but have a unified name: packing! . So, the difference between the packaging materials and packaging is that one is industrial product, one is consumer ideology. Cosmetics packaging materials manufacturer of small make up to introduce to you here, there are cosmetics packaging technology knowledge, international cosmetics packaging material, what is general cosmetics packaging, cosmetics packaging materials manufacturers ranked doubt can seek advice, such as small make up me! ! ! ! ! ! !
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