Cosmetics bottles what are the requirements

by:Lisson     2020-05-18
Now in many parts of the world have been using makeup, this is not only a kind of fashion, makeup is also a kind of respect for people, a lot of work now require makeup, makeup of a person a kind of brand-new appearance came out. But cosmetics packaging is also the way to attract consumers. Designer to know the fashionable things, people always is yearning for the beautiful things. Dongguan xiang specializing in the production of more than 10 years, the requirement of cosmetic plastic bottle is fall back such as flow, at the same time, we will often to customers and consumers to conduct a comprehensive market survey, to ensure that can give customers a reasonable plastic solution; Actually very simple, why will go to do professional cosmetics, because its profit is the highest in all products, technology and at the same time is also the highest 1 bottle, cosmetics packaging design requirements: ( 1) Quality requirements, so everyone see cosmetics bottles are double packing. The bottle full, smooth and straight, smooth, uniform thickness basic, can not have cold, cracks, no obvious scar, the deformation of the bottle ( 2) User experience, a lot of brands in order to do this, will do the custom packaging bottle, the advantage of this is, indeed, there is no doubt that this is a very good effect for the brand. ( 3) In order to guarantee the security of the bottle, at the time of transport is shrink-wrapped then carton packaging, so they go to a to the cost of comparison ( 4) In the design of LOGO and text layout is required, because now the quality of the product appearance and design intent directly to the judgment of customers for its products ( 5) The sealing products, this is particularly important, how to say, not much explanation, do bad, just waiting to lower sales, 6) Bottles and cosmetics packaging design fits was not smooth, loose teeth, leakage phenomenon, the cover (2 Including the outer cover, inside cover ( Plug, pad) ) 1. Inside the lid (1) full, smooth and no deformation, no duplicate, clean, no dust, oil and so on (2) cooperate with bottle and the cover is good, 2 shall not leak. Cover (1) straight, smooth, no breakage, crack, blowout phenomenon, colour and lustre is uniform, shall not be moved, cooperate with as standard samples (2) the thread structure intact. (3) with electrochemical aluminum or hot stamping should be uniform complete, colour and lustre and standard sample as cover (4) reading the flexible clamshell type cover (5) cooperate with bottle, no sliding tooth, loose, the phenomenon such as leakage for custom, purchasing cosmetics bottle, cream bottle, lotion bottle, cream bottle, daily necessities, health care products, medicine bottles, food bottles, bottle series etc, the material, we also provide professional has: HDPE bottle, PP bottle, PET, PS bottle, acrylic bottle, etc. , welcome to contact xiang plastic bottles in the factory, or log on our website product details: http://www. xlfzpping。 com/product5。 html
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