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by:Lisson     2020-05-18
China's exports more than a third of the packaging level of demand for goods. This is both a chance and accept for cosmetic bottles. Facing kinds of heavy and complicated is packaged goods, cosmetics bottles to barb is not easy. Firstly, for cosmetics packaging, to ensure the safety of the seal cosmetic bottles, washing and cleaning. Achieve safe bottle and cap the absolute seal to prevent microbes and bacteria breeding, affects the quality of the food, damage to human body health. 2, the second is in the process of producing ensure the safety of cosmetics bottles of raw materials, to prevent the secondary materials such as raw materials into the mall. Together to ensure the safety of the plastic bottle production and operation workshop clean, relevant regulatory authorities to strengthen the regulation of this category. Third, once again, as a rapid consumer goods packaging, demand has excellent cosmetic packaging bottle image display. Thus from planning to produce link needs to improve, especially outstanding safety elements, to win customers trust. In the field of cosmetics packaging, with the improvement of technical level, gradually highlights personalized display and packaging development innovation, the introduction of new technology and new technology and application, the characteristic such as the development of new environmental protection materials and alternative, safe and convenient packing will be more welcomed by the market. After China's accession to the WTO, the global brand management has become an important strategy, enterprise international competition of brand development, brand education, innovation and other issues are increasingly brought to the attention of the domestic enterprises, although there is no international brand, rich experience in brand management, also the lack of successful brand operation management methods, Chinese national enterprises are still in trial and error, in innovation and development. In cosmetics, washing products industry, for example, although in people's mind with white porcelain green iron cover, antique, economical 'the friendship' the impression of cold cream, but this one was in the 80 s reputation across the country, with hundreds of millions of customers and old brand, now can only resort to increasingly cut consumption group to maintain its low sales. Foreign information across the intervention, the use of new technologies, new products, as well as with packaging and publicity, investigate its purpose is only one - — For every customer indecision. In today's goods abundance, no change, no innovation, will be eliminated. For new products, if the new packaging, so have influence on customers will be greatly enhanced. Another novel packing can add luster for a very common product and attractive. In personal care products and perfume market, product packaging has become a retail shelves can quickly lock are the important factors of consumer attention. Because contemporary consumers know about packaging design has been gradually, from the mass market to upscale department store, from glass to plastic bottles, perfume and cosmetics marketers increasingly pay attention to the innovation and novelty of the packing. Intense competition for the terminal consumer attention, many packaging suppliers believe that product design is becoming more important than ever before. Individual demand drives the customized production ( According to different consumer demand for personalized production mode) The development of patent mold popular in industry enterprise. If you need to customize, purchasing, and mass production cosmetic plastic packaging bottles, please contact the dongguan xiang in the plastic products co. , LTD. Dongguan xiang plastic products in the 【 0769 - 876388118 】 , 10 years professional custom plastic containers production technology, professional production: HDPE bottle, PP bottle, PET, PS bottle, acrylic bottle, widely used in cosmetics, health products, food and pharmaceutical packaging. Can be customized according to different requirements of customers packaging bottles of each material. Or enter the website for more information: http://www. xlfzpping。 com
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