Cosmetics bottles of material inventory

by:Lisson     2020-05-18
Cosmetics bottle packing has long been a manufacturer focus on producing areas, compared to other packaging, cosmetic packaging in terms of profits and market space is larger, therefore, for cosmetic packaging design and development, has always been our products are very popular bottle. So the cosmetic bottle style and material is becoming more and more diversified. Today, let's talk about cosmetic packaging material. First, PET cosmetic bottles, a lot of transparent lightweight plastic cosmetic bottles, basically is PET material, PET proportion in the field of cosmetic packaging bottle is very high. Second, acrylic cosmetic bottle, acrylic material appearance is like a glass bottle, exquisite appearance, high quality, cost is lower than that of glass, so popular. Again, cosmetics bottles, PE is mainly packaging emulsion is given priority to, the exterior opaque, often give priority to with white. Then, glass cosmetic bottles, glass cosmetic bottles, has long been the main forms of packaging, cosmetics is compatible to the glass cosmetic bottles, cosmetic packaging the temperament of the appearance of high-grade requirements. Finally, metal class cosmetics bottles, for some luxury cosmetics bottles, they would like to use a metal appearance, in recent years, of course, any plastic bags, carton and wood products used in cosmetics packaging, but there is still the mainstream types.
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