Cosmetics bottle packing new technology and new technology of cosmetics packaging materials

by:Lisson     2020-05-15
Cosmetics bottle packing new technology and new technology on the market, if we pay attention to all kinds of packaging containers, so cosmetics bottle packaging both in function and appearance on craft is one of the most abundant categories. Cosmetics market determines the bottle packaging demand diversity in appearance and function. Today we're going to count a bottle of cosmetics packaging for container packaging generation brings new change appearance of the new techniques and technologies. First of all, cosmetics bottle brings new block types and functions. Emulsion class cosmetics bottles of the introduction of extrusion type nozzle, can very good control of emulsion extrusion amount. In the aspect of toner is the tip of the nasal spray type is introduced. The oils types of cosmetics bottles, the use of the the dropper's cap. These block form in the field of cosmetic packaging, not only in other sectors such as food, chemical bottle also gradually began to application. Second, frosting, spraying technology of cosmetic bottles. In order to make the cosmetic bottle appearance novel and chic, high-grade, glass perfume bottles used the frosting process, then the frosting process are also beginning to applications in markets such as the bottle. Finally, the application of acrylic cosmetic. Cosmetics bottle packing in order to find a kind of ground resistance is similar to glass material appearance, introduced acrylic bottle packaging. Yakeli the special material and then gradually applied in health food bottle packaging market. For cosmetic bottles, because the characteristics of the market, there will be many new technologies, and the application of new technology will promote the development of other packaging technology, it is a virtuous circle. Cosmetics bottle packaging material safety needs to pay attention to the safety of food bottle packaging material, we all consumers from regulators are very seriously, but cosmetics bottle packaging rarely concerned. As cosmetics usage is rising year by year, with the rise of online shopping market, cosmetics bottle packaging market more chaos, in urgent need of consumers greater attention, also need to relevant departments to strengthen supervision. At present, the market of cosmetic bottle packaging materials such as metal, glass and plastic. The plastic cosmetics bottle is among the highest market share. This is mainly plastic cosmetic bottle packing light, ground resistance, low cost etc. But cosmetics bottle plastic in the process of production, often joined many additives. Most cosmetics for water or emulsion, the liquid inside the plastic cosmetics bottle placed for a long time, the additive is must pay attention to for the compatibility of cosmetics, its tremendous influence to the human body must also be sober understanding. In addition, for the use of plastic cosmetic bottle also needs to have correct understanding. Plastic cosmetics bottles in fact should not be used under the environment of high temperature, unfavorable also long-term use repeatedly, otherwise it will affect its safety. As consumers need to have more common sense.
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