【 Cosmetic tube 】 Personal medical plastic packaging hose recycling what mischief

by:Lisson     2020-11-20
Do a professional cosmetics manufacturer, we have a strict product recycling mechanism, because plastic products there are the cause of environmental pollution, therefore, we are very care about the environment. Today, suye cosmetics technology consultant will talk about the current personal medical plastic packaging hose recycling existence flaw, specific content is as follows:
plastic hose 【 Cosmetic tube 】 Recycle what exists flaw

cosmetics tube ( Plastic pipe) Recycling problems
for drug supervision, countries have very strict policy. For hospital use medicinal plastic hose is very perfect recycling system, makes the medicinal plastic hose to avoid the pollution to the environment, also avoid the medicinal plastic hose into the hands of criminals. However, in the folk and ordinary patients in the hands of medicinal plastic hose is not smooth recovery channel. These medicinal plastic hose cosmetics became the criminals in the eyes of & other; The bestselling & throughout; 。 Through the high-priced recycling medicinal plastic hose, filling profiteering fake drugs.
in fact, in 2003, the State Council issued 'regulations on the administration of hospital waste, specify any unit or individual shall be allowed to buy and sell medical waste, but so far there is still a for the sale of medical waste behavior. This is different from other industries, pharmaceutical products, after all, is directly related to our each person's health. To this, the relevant administrative departments have a duty to strengthen personal hands of medicinal plastic hose regulation and recycling efforts. And the individual also should strengthen medical plastic packaging hose sales and processing the basic consciousness, to learn about the sell medicinal plastic hose to individual is not only a kind of irregularities, and this behavior will indirectly harm to the health of others.
summary, only our cosmetic tube manufacturers, personal, regulators all people joint effort, can effectively curb the increasingly rampant medicinal cosmetics tube filling hose, plastic packaging recycling counterfeit behavior. At the same time to protect our environment, protect our consumers. Wouldn't you say so so? If you need more knowledge on tube of cosmetics, please focus on the WWW. yhmoju。 com

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