Cosmetic product packaging design

by:Lisson     2021-03-01

Packaging design is an important part of product design. Exquisite packaging design is helpful to enhance the overall image and product taste of the product. Novel packaging will add color to the product, increase the influence on customers, and promote consumption. Let's talk about the product packaging design skills of cosmetics.

Cosmetic product packaging design skills

1. Exquisite appearance design

Ingenious dressing and careful design can beautify and publicize cosmetics, and can fully reflect the characteristics, style, and artistry of the product, thereby deepening consumers' impression of the product.

2. Protect the product

How to write the packaging design plan of washing and protecting products

Care products are necessities in daily life. With the continuous improvement of living standards and environmental protection concepts, people pay more attention to the quality of care products. However, no matter how good the quality is, a beautiful packaging design that shows vitality and vitality is needed to promote it. Let's talk about how to write a packaging design plan for a series of care products.

Design the packaging of care products

1. Type and product characteristics

Indicate which category the product belongs to in the washing and care series. According to the actual type of the product, the packaging design is combined with its product characteristics, so as to guide consumers to quickly find and purchase the products they need.

2. The real needs of customers

Consider the gender and age of the main consumers of the product, understand their acceptability and aesthetic preferences, and design the product packaging accurately.

3. Innovative design

According to the meaning of the design, it combines the product's functional use, market demand and cultural style to carry out innovative designs, and attract consumers with novel and smart designs.

According to the chemical, physical and biological properties of cosmetics, the packaging design must ensure that the product is not damaged, deformed, leaked, or odorless.

3. Analyze consumers

Considering the psychological state and aesthetics of different consumers, integrating product functions and individual characteristics, design a packaging for cosmetics that has its own characteristics and can stimulate customers' desire to buy.

How to write cosmetic packaging design plan

The packaging of cosmetics is equivalent to the first face of cosmetics, and is the support of the product image and sales visual effect. Therefore, a design plan that integrates culture, science, and aesthetics is very important for the promotion and sales of cosmetics. So, how should the packaging design of cosmetics be written?

How to write cosmetic packaging design plan

1. Highlight the brand

In sales, cosmetics brands are the first to enter the eyes of consumers. Familiar brands will give people a sense of trust and have the opportunity to be selected first. This effect is inseparable from the long-term publicity of the company. Therefore, highlight the brand. It is a wise choice for enterprises.

2. Targeting specific consumer groups

Grasp the age, gender and psychological characteristics of specific consumers, and create a symbolic product image, so that consumers feel that this cosmetic is specially designed for themselves.

3. Product features

The use of elements that are consistent with the attributes of the product itself, and the packaging design that focuses on the nature, function, purpose, and style of the cosmetics, is more likely to leave a deep impression on consumers.
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