Cosmetic plastic hose protection of packaging materials

by:Lisson     2020-05-20
Makeup is an essential part of daily life, for women wanting a nature, including now many men are beginning to use cosmetics for maintenance. Many people have experienced the mood of the following: look at the brand on the counter of the wide variety of beautiful cosmetics, compact, lipstick, cream, wish all things will look into your own shopping bags, wipe on herself, wanted the white skin, acne is gone overnight, wrinkles, every day more beautiful. Industrial hose manufacturer, however, with the increase of brand products on the market, many negative news also cana t, for cosmetics consumer protection increasingly attention, now many customers are buying when they see cosmetics formula table to determine whether containing harmful substances. Harmful substance not only comes from the formulation of cosmetics, unqualified cosmetic plastic hose material of cosmetics to ensure all the inevitable damage. At home and abroad is no clear standard to regulate cosmetic plastic hose material standard of security, not to mention cosmetic plastic hose materials, the specific content of standards, only mentioned in 'cosmetics health standard' : 'cosmetics container direct contact materials must be non-toxic, shall not contain or release toxic substances may cause harm to the user. Not only in domestic, the FDA and the European Union directive in few involved in cosmetic plastic hose material management standard and inspection standard, more is a standard of food packaging, and the testing of cosmetic plastic hose materials more is to rely on enterprise internal supervision, testing method and standard of the natural is also each are not identical. So for cosmetic plastic hose materials contained in the research and the potential risks of chemical testing, cosmetics not only for cosmetic plastic hose hose manufacturer of quality inspection system to add the corresponding knowledge reserves, more on people's health and environmental protection to provide strong guarantee. Estee lauder packaging laboratory in Shanghai over the years not only committed to the testing of cosmetic plastic hose material ( Including physical function test and compatibility test) At home and abroad, but also focus on the change and update the related standards, efforts to the development of China's packaging industry.
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