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by:Lisson     2021-04-09

According to the '2017 Baidu Skin Care Industry Report', among searches on the efficacy of skin care products, oil control and acne removal accounted for 29%, whitening and freckle removal accounted for 27%, followed by cleansing 10%, moisturizing 9% and anti-aging 7%. Among all the effects, anti-aging demand continued to rank first in the growth list, with a year-on-year increase of 49%.

In the average daily search of 5.4 million searches in the past 12 months, 66% of the searches are generic terms that do not involve the brand, and they have maintained a year-on-year growth rate of 17%. After all, the skin care industry has a long history, broad and profound, suitable for all ages, right? At the same time, in all common word searches, only 38% of searches are carried out to specific products.

Among the non-product words of all general words, the industry inquired words accounted for the highest proportion, reaching 56%. The most frequently asked questions were the causes of acne, how to get rid of bags under your eyes, and how to turn white. Ranked second in the industry are general terms, such as 'acne around the lips', 'closed acne', 'wine thorns', etc. Have you noticed that the questioning has become more and more precise (leave a foreshadowing here). And the third place is the industry reputation, which includes various experience sharing, such as 'How to replenish the skin's moisture the fastest'.

Among all the products, facial masks still remain far ahead, occupying 34% of the product share, and the number of searches increased by 13% year-on-year. Strong challenge. Three, four and five are occupied by sunscreen, essence and cleansing. Essence in Top5 products has the fastest increase, reaching 59%.

2016-2017 Baidu skin care industry search report trend analysis:

・Trend 1, skin care is a delicate work. If your skin care is still about washing your face with soap, scenting perfume before going to bed, and complaining to your friends about working overtime and getting acne, then you really need to make up the lesson. Consumers' questions about skin care on Baidu are becoming more and more refined. This questioning technique gives full marks!

・ Trend 2, the new 'crisis' of skin problems, 'internal factors' have always been the core factors leading to skin conditions, just like we can't escape acne, can't fight nasolabial folds, and it is inevitable to make money to support the family and stay up late. Skin yellow, age and health The situation is reflected on this face all the time.

・Trend 3, the black technology of beauty instrument, it is said that nowadays young people who love beauty have already started to use beauty instrument? Have you bought it for so many years? Is the 24K gold rod still in use?

・ Trend 4, ingredient party, finally speaking of ingredient party, now savvy consumers are studying the ingredients thoroughly, and the keyword 'skin care product ingredient analysis' has increased by 6 times in the past year.

・ Trend 5, the noble ladies have risen and become stable. Let’s talk about the noble ladies. When we were finally willing to buy the 100-yuan facial cream and thousand-yuan essence, the ladies came with the thousand-yuan facial cream and the thousand-yuan essence. The purse was obviously not enough.

・ Trend 6, brands are also selling cute. I don’t know when, more and more brands are beginning to give their star products catchy nicknames, vowing to create a web-red in the skin care industry, the name is not easy to remember, the nickname is the most Profoundly, the key is that consumers really pay, and more and more search for product nicknames directly on Baidu. As for the nicknames, we will not be popular science one by one. The fairy water small brown bottle small black bottle still stands in the top three on the nickname list. As for the big red bottle, small red bottle, small green bottle, small white bottle, small basket tube, small blue can, we search by ourselves.

Recently, Lisson released the '2016-2017 Makeup Industry Search Report'. The report shows that in the past 12 months, the three most important figures in the cosmetics industry. The cosmetics industry has experienced a fierce increase in the past year. The average daily search volume reached 2.8 million per day, an increase of 56% year-on-year (far exceeding other categories in the cosmetics industry). Searches mainly came from the wireless terminal. As of February this year, wireless accounted for The ratio has reached 90%.

The seasonal distribution of the makeup industry, August and January are particularly important for the makeup industry, mainly due to the Qixi Festival in August and the New Year in January. 62% of searches are generic terms that do not involve specific brands, mainly due to the relatively fierce competition in the cosmetics industry and consumers have too many choices, so there are fewer searches for brand-related content. At the same time, in all general word searches, only 38% of searches fall on specific products, and most consumers are busy exploring new knowledge of the industry.

Among all the content that is common and irrelevant to the product, the search industry has the most common words, accounting for 43%. However, compared with last year, consumers have improved a lot. The makeup methods and techniques that were previously ranked number one have been used by the industry. The general term has surpassed. The search term ranked first this year is 'naked makeup'. Compared with the keywords of 'makeup' in previous years, consumers are more pursuing. Among the makeup methods and techniques ranked second, “make-up steps” and “make-up videos” are still the mainstream. It seems that it is necessary to educate consumers on how to make-up. The industry inquired words ranked third, such as 'how to make up the eyes to enlarge' and 'what to do if the eyebrows are scarce'. From the top three content, it is not difficult to find that consumers are increasingly pursuing eyebrows, and eyebrow tattoos are gradually accepted by consumers and become popular.

At the same time, among these search contents, the fastest-growing ones are: industry prices, mainly to understand the cost of semi-permanent makeup; safety issues, such as consumers will search for 'is it harmful to eyebrow tattoos', 'hazards of eyelash grafting', etc.; and Industry comparison issues, such as 'the difference between cosmetic contact line and eyeliner', 'the difference between pink eyebrows and foggy eyebrows', etc.

The report shows that men’s cosmetics has an average daily search volume of 97,000 times, with an annual growth rate of 30%, far exceeding the overall growth rate of the cosmetics industry (19%). This is an amazing discovery.

The search trend of male cosmetics has continued to increase in the past two years. The peak of retrieval occurs at the end of summer and autumn (August-November), when the face is prone to oil, and it is time to strengthen cleansing and oil control. In terms of search content, the awareness of men’s cosmetics brands and products is still low. Only 24% of the search content is related to a specific brand, and the remaining 76% of the search content are generic terms that do not involve the brand. It can be seen from the 40% growth rate of generic words that men’s curiosity for makeup and skin care is increasing, and they are actively exploring ways to improve their appearance.

Among non-product-related general terms, the most searched term is industry general, accounting for 50%. I thought that the Top search terms would be men's skin care, men's moisturizing, men's acne removal, etc., never expected that men are most concerned about their eyebrows, and then face thinning and whitening! Even more amazing is coming, 7% of the search content is about men's makeup skills.

Among all the common words that are implemented in specific products, most of the search content is related to skin care products. The main search volume comes from general product word-of-mouth and general product, as well as product inquiries. It seems that the men have dreams in their hearts, and the actual actions are still very pragmatic! From the search terms of the above users, the editor has another new discovery. Men are starting to pay attention to products specifically for men's skin problems. They are no longer satisfied with taking a female ticket to use cosmetics.

Skincare and make-up search accounted for 86% to 14%. In 2015, the proportion of make-up was only 5%. In the past year, it has grown by leaps and bounds, and it has risen by 80%! Facial cleansing and oil control and acne removal are so high, what serious skin problems are male friends facing? Let's take a closer look. Among them, 52% of users simply want to learn about cleansing products aimed at male audiences. 39% of users want to solve the problem of acne.

In the past two years, the number of searches in the hair care industry has been increasing, with an annual growth rate of 21%, which is higher than the skin care industry, with 2.2 million searches per day! This year, the highest 94% of search behaviors have come from the mobile terminal. This high proportion ranks first in all industries. Remember that it was only 78% last year.

Among them, January and August are the peak search periods for the hair industry. January is mainly the growth of hair styles. The Spring Festival is the peak period for the little fairies to change their hair styles. New Year’s hairstyles and New Year’s clothes can not be ignored~ And every August is the hot summer, and hair faces more challenges. Prone to oil, dandruff, itching, etc.

What kind of content is everyone searching for after such a large amount of searches? 49% of searches came from hair styles, covering more than 90 major hair style categories, 26% of searches were about hair problems and solutions, 34 hair problems, 10% knew about hairdressing methods, searched for hair care brand content and General products accounted for 7% each. Compared with 9% last year, only 7% are searching for brand-related information this year. More and more consumers are weakening their brand tendency, hoping to obtain the latest trends in hairstyles and solve their own hair problems.

Hair problems are increasing. What products do you need? The most important thing is shampoo. Shampoo products are still far ahead, with 45% of searches, followed by hair dye products 18%, hair care products 14%, wigs 9%, styling products 7%, and hairdressing tools 4%.

38% are still searching for various general products. Top3 is actually a hair dye, wig, curling iron for autonomous black hair; 35% are concerned about product word-of-mouth issues and the growth rate is as high as 53%. Among them, everyone is most keen to understand the shampoo brand rankings. , Which brand of hair dye is good, and what shampoo is easy to use; in addition, people often search for the specific usage of advanced products such as conditioner, hair mask, hair care oil, and hair wax. Also in terms of safety, everyone is most worried about the harm of wearing a wig. It seems that wigs have begun to penetrate into everyone's daily lives.
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