Cosmetic companies focus on plastic packaging lightweight

by:Lisson     2020-05-20
Today's enterprise profit space is in decline, the enterprise mainly looking for ways to reduce costs. Which reduce packaging weight, food hose manufacturer is beneficial for the environment and corporate earnings. Use less material production packaging, packaging for weight loss. So, plastic bottles, plastic jar, plastic hose and plastic cover type container easier to achieve weight loss goals. When a plastic packaging was successfully after the implementation of the lightweight, in injection molding process need fewer resin material, due to the use of less packaging materials, lightweight packaging is good for environmental protection, but this is not her advantage, lightweight packaging has malicious use of the advantages of more, such as can effectively reduce the cost of materials, etc. Many plastic containers for the dealer said, industrial hose manufacturer of the cosmetic enterprises showed a lot of attention to lightweight, in particular the public personal care products, such as using plastic bottle or plastic jars of skincare products. Usually, compared with the injection molding container, plastic bottle or plastic can easier to achieve the goal of lightweight. Lightweight plastic packaging can slow people concern about environmental protection and sustainable development, more and more people choose packing is better, faster production, packing weight solid and reduce product, curing agent hose when daily-use cosmetics wholesale sales products, every tree minor reductions in dosage of fat on the package can bring considerable economic benefits for the enterprise, especially resin raw materials under the premise of price didn't increase, more and more enterprises of packaging lightweight issue increasingly keen interest.
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