Children's skin care products display packaging design to share

by:Lisson     2020-05-16
Children's skin care products display packing design share cosmetics display can display products, increase the understanding of the consumer of cosmetics and to promote the role of cosmetics sales, enhance the brand image. In children's skin care products, for example, children face the wide variety of skin care products in the market, attention is more dispersed, the display packaging is an important point of attract children's attention, to the da to stimulate their purchasing desire. 1 design object and idea. Design object design object is snoopy series of children's hand cream, including a pink nectar whiten hand cream, a green snake oil moisturizing hand cream, a sheep milk moisturize hand cream orange, a blue vaseline antifreeze hand cream. 2. Design idea of fun is one of the key elements for children's product packaging design. Therefore, packaging designers need to consider the interests of children, use of their curiosity, designed with interesting display packaging, so as to stimulate their purchasing desire. In addition, the children's nature is pure, the heart is simple, love and yearning nature, so in the packaging design for children can add the elements of nature. To this end, the author according to the characteristics and snoopy series of children's hand cream color, design the two display packaging solution. 01 is the game disc shelves, can let the children interact with the product packaging form, make our products into their heart in the game; The second is concise displays, facilitate children to observe and take put products. Design 1. Plan 1: the game disc shelves ( 1) The structure of the structure design of children product packaging design should have protective and interesting, so the design should be used more circular or arc structure, avoid sharp corners, edges and corners of the harm of children, at the same time pay attention to interest. Plan 1 as the game disc shelves, composed of two pieces of corrugated cardboard paste. Among them, the panel to choose E corrugated board, side panel to choose B corrugated board. After the lateral plate rolled into a cylinder, the use of tongue were fixed, because of the tongue is longer, also will be formed to fold back hook lock, so the side panel lock together very closely. Later, respectively, in the panel up and down or so four direction cutting four small pieces, and insert, the endplates fold down using the side panel panel to get stuck in, by the hand cream pressure, panel and side panel can be tightly together. Will hand cream with panel insert groove in a certain Angle, hand cream card in the slot at the bottom, the upper display, display effect is good. Also, since the display packing is made of folded forming, no glue, therefore very easy to split and assembly, and assembly process more simple. ( 2) Decoration design children's reactions to things around is enthusiastic, instant, in the face of strong visual stimulation, more easily affected by image and the fantasy world. If a product is just pure information, children would feel boring, and then lose interest in the product. As a result, children's skin care products packaging should have a more vibrant colors. Decoration design for 1 of 4 kinds of hand cream hose color: pink, orange, blue and green. Will these four hand cream into the display packaging, color to connect and flawless, deserve to go up Numbers, is a fun game set, has an irresistible temptation for children. 2. Scheme 2: concise display ( 1) Structure design scheme of packaging materials to choose 2 E corrugated board, using free rubber molding structure type page, dispense with the sizing process, facilitating mechanical automation, and pollution-free. The structure follow the packaging design to simplify this trend, simple structure, after the board USES the circular arc Angle, avoid the damage to children's edges and corners, protective, embodies the humanized principle of children's product packaging design. For children, the taichung product density are mild, not too dense, bring their depressive feeling, also won't because too loose and appear empty. In addition, the display side also leave appropriate gap, easy to insert product brochures or small gifts, increase the understanding of the children and parents to this series of products. ( 2) Packaging design packaging design of 2 use a picture of nature landscape painting as a background, in the blue sky, white clouds and the sunshine, green grass in bloom bright flowers attracts the butterfly, it is children's favorite scene. In the center of the 'grass' present a snoopy series of children's hand cream, both to increase the depth of scene, and beautify the product, achieved the very good publicity effect.
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